What Are You Attached To? with Kristi Corlett

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In this episode, I’m joined by long-time friend of DevaTree, the incredible Kristi Corlett. Kristi’s a yoga instructor, shamanic practitioner, author, and kirtan musician. But just like you and I, she can’t only be defined by what she does.

Episode 002: We all have our current roles and passions, but aren’t we so much more? Aren’t we ever-becoming? And why do we have such an attachment to how we define ourselves? Kristi shares the process of her shamanic journey work and how tapping into this practice can help us answer some of these big questions.

In our conversation, Kristi shares how she was led to meditation, yoga, and shamanic journeying and how they’ve played an immense role in her healing. She talks about the empowerment that comes from working with challenges and how stillness can help us germinate our potential. She shares the lessons she’s received through her off-grid lifestyle, how it isn’t always easy, and our interconnection to all that is.

Key Takeaways:

  • What am I attached to? And what happens if I loosen my grip?
  • How shamanic journeying can reveal answers to us, and how it answered a question that I had about my motherhood journey.
  • How Spirit can show us when we’re taking life too seriously, or when we’re being too hard on ourselves or others.
  • How loving awareness dwells within each of us.
  • How we all feel compelled to define ourselves by what we
  • The benefits of making an ally of the darkness.
  • Practicing sovereignty over victimhood.
  • What can I change or shift so I’m suffering less?
  • What it means to truly simplify, and the pros and cons of living off-grid.

About the Guest:

Kristi Corlett, B.A., M.A., B.Ed., RYT-1000, teaches Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga and Shamanism, our Faculty-Mentored Self-Study program. She is a certified Yoga Instructor, Shamanic Practitioner and teacher, Author, and Kirtan Musician. Her studies in history and eastern mysticism have led her on a journey that forever spirals back to yoga. Kristi has a passion for yogic philosophy and the delicious stories of the gods and goddesses who make up the Hindu Pantheon. Truly gifted in the art of storytelling, Kristi takes the complexity of these glorious beings of light and brings a fascinating clarity to their role in our lives today. Inspired by the dance of yoga and shamanism in her own heart and soul, she brings forth a whispered wisdom that simply must be shared. Visit her online home at www.silverbough.ca.

Intro Music by Brenda McMorrow – All One Song from the album “My Heart Bows Down to You”. brendamcmorrow.com


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