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The Antidote to Cyber Monday

by | Nov 27, 2023 | 1 comment

Stress Bunnies

Yesterday I got sucked into the Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping madness and luckily caught myself before buying a bunch of stuff I really didn’t need.

Of course, it feels great to grab a few necessities at a lower price (which I’m glad I did) but the overall feeling of BFCM feels downright panicky.

Hurry, hurry, hurry and save big! Buy now because time is running out—don’t miss this once in a lifetime sale!

When did shopping become an adrenaline-driven sport?!

Thankfully, we can choose to slow it all down. We can reject the scarcity train running through our precious inbox. Shopping doesn’t need to be a frantic experience.

I’m not perfect at this (by any means), but when my shoptastic self thinks she’s running the show I can ask myself these 5 questions to bring sanity back…

  1. Can I afford this right now or would it be better to buy it later?
  2. Do I already own this? (I want this black shirt, but maybe I already have 3 black shirts in my closet)
  3. Does this item support my (or my family’s) long-term health and happiness?
  4. If I walk away from my cart and come back later, does it still feel like an important purchase? (often it does not!)
  5. Is there an element of fear, unworthiness, scarcity, or panic compelling me to buy this?
  6. Does this item match my values? Does it fit with the person I want to be, the person I am becoming?

I hope these questions help you feel more grounded and clear. When we open our wallets, we can open our hearts just as wide!

DevaTree doesn’t participate in BFCM sales, but we do want to help you become the most grounded, peaceful, and intentional human you can be. If you’ve been thinking about our Meditation Teacher Training but are experiencing financial challenges, we’ve got you covered. We are offering 2 partial (50%) scholarships for Meditation in the Modern Age. If you’re interested, please contact us at info@devatree.com and request a scholarship application.

No pressure, no hurry, just tuning in to what you really need.

Big Peace,

1 Comment

  1. Bija

    Love this!
    The feeding frenzy that is conjured up by big business around these dates is mind boggling…
    I actually have an aversion to Black Friday and Boxing Day sales, they don’t appeal to me whatsoever. Purchasing necessities at a better deal is great, but I try my best to only buy what I was going to be getting anyway. No buyers regrets that way:)
    Thank you for grounding us with those reminders:)
    Xoxo Bija


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