I felt so wrapped in a cocoon of silken love in the environment you generated. You and Carolyn are soul sisters and I am so happy you have each other’s journeys of the soul to share. There is such added sparkle when you both are in the room. Sharing your world, your friends, the students you guide, the families you touch—I loved it all. You are gifted in so many talents of the spirit.”
Brahmanand, Don Stapleton, Co-Founder of NYI

I would highly recommend DevaTree School of Yoga to anyone who is wishing to teach yoga and/or anyone who is in search of a heart opening journey.
Jennifer Robertson, YTT Graduate

This training transformed my life. I have never had this much confidence in my abilities in EVERY aspect of my life. I could not have asked for more supportive, authentic, intelligent trainers.
Natalie Coles, YTT Graduate

The depth of knowledge, passion for yoga, and genuine support for each and every one of our kula was incredible. We embraced the heartfelt encouragement to be who we are, each a unique creative yogi with something very special to offer.
Esther G., YTT Graduate

Training with DevaTree was an incredible life changing experience. The trainers are amazing and truly unforgettable.
Adrienne MacDonald, YTT Graduate

I am so grateful for Devatree's teachings, and am so honoured to be considered a graduate of this beautiful, supportive, heart-filling school.
Bailey Fagan, YTT Graduate

If you are looking to learn in a safe and practical environment, DevaTree is the place for you.
Sonya Smith, YTT Graduate

Loved the program, loved my kula, loved the journey. It was challenging, rewarding, and ultimately uplifting. Amazing!
Lisa Moore, YTT Graduate

DevaTree gave me more than the chance to obtain my 200hr RYT, they also gave me family. This training changed my life in more ways than I can count. I am forever changed for the better!
Lisa Hill, YTT Graduate

I am proud to call myself a graduate of DevaTree School of Yoga. The yoga education that I have received in every course has been of the highest quality. I continue to learn from the amazing faculty at DevaTree and appreciate each instructor for sharing their passions with the world in the most loving ways. The warm, welcoming and compassionate community that DevaTree has created is a direct reflection of Tamika Schilbe and Carolyn Burke! I am beyond grateful for this training and wouldn't hesitate to recommend it to anyone interested in exploring a yoga teacher training path!
Gabrielle Rickman

I am so grateful. My experiences with DevaTree School of Yoga have been transforming! I found my authentic self and my passion. It is my goal as a RYT500 to inspire, motivate, and empower my students as I have been inspired, motivated, and empowered by the DevaTree faculty and family!
Beth Wilson, YTT Graduate

Through experiential learning and expert guiding you can come with little or tons of yoga background and the team helps you to rise from the mud to shine with confidence, strength, and compassion. This program sends teachers into the world who are capable of making a real difference to humanity—on and off the mat. For those wishing to learn how to teach yoga safely and spiritually, there is no better program!
Christine Stowe, YTT Graduate

Over the last 10 years, I have known that I would some day do my yoga teacher training. I'm glad I waited for this one.
Alyssa Evetts, YTT Graduate

DevaTree is a 5 star school of yoga. The entire faculty is extremely professional, wholehearted and supportive not to mention extremely passionate and dedicated to yoga and their students. Amazing and transformative life experience.
Lindsay Baker, YTT Graduate

Every time I return to a training I've returned home.
Misty Lucas, YTT Graduate

Some of the best decisions I have ever made involve this yoga school. Forever grateful.
Helen Kearns-Ofner, Graduate

What an amazing journey. Thank you for lighting the way home and opening a thousand more doors to explore.
Catherine Satya Stilo, YTT Graduate

My life will never be the same. With the love, support and direction of this awesome team, I am now able to accept myself for who I am and what I am able to do—without judgement—and have a more positive attitude towards life!
Beth Wilson, YTT Graduate

This training has awakened my authentic self”
Nancy, 200-hr YTT Graduate

I listened to one of your yoga playlists recently and found myself taken back to Wolfe Island in the yurt, and to Costa Rica in the Treetops. You are impactful people. If you were food, you would be antioxidant superfood!!”
Carol McKay

It feels like I’ve been holding my breath for so long and then I do a class with you and for that hour and a half I can breathe a little easier. You have such a tremendous gift, thank you for sharing it.”
Hasana, Yoga Educator

I know over the years of you offering the Costa Rica retreat you have seen many miracles and life changing events. Please add my experience to the list of miracles. There were so many moments before, during and after the retreat that have allowed me to be where I am today. Today I feel so much love inside for the love that people are giving me and I can actually see it and feel it!! I don’t think I ever did or would even allow myself to acknowledge it. I am in love with me, in love with life, loving my friends and family and love BEING. In my room at the retreat you left me the card that said: “Becoming is effort. Being is no effort” I don’t think I really got that on the first day but I sure get it today!”
Anouschka, Yoga Retreat Participant

I have loved every minute of this training and I am awe-inspired at what
has been accomplished in eight short weeks! You are Masters!”
Julie, 2010 YTT Graduate

My thankfulness is about the love and energy you bring to us and your ability to be the channels of such sacred messages and joyfulness. This enables me to remember who I really am.”

You have blown my mind. The newsletter you sent has really struck a chord with me and was perfect timing. You are both so intuitive. If I could love two people without knowing them well, I could love the two of you.”

I wanted to let you know that four simple words you whispered to me in Costa Rica – ‘let the universe decide’ – have become something of a mantra for me these past 9 months. Through highs and lows, I am both humbled and take comfort in these words.”
Wayne, Cinncinati

Your guidance came at a much needed time in my life. You bring an energy into the space around you that is both easily observed and absorbed. I find it interesting that the 2 major crises I have experienced in my adult life have brought me to your teachings. I offer you an infinite amount of thank you’s because I have been affected in such a monumental way.”
Karen, Yoga Student

I never thought I could have this much fun with my coworkers! The energy and passion you put into the day allowed me to reconnect with my own energy and passion. I feel incredibly refreshed and at peace. Thank you so much”
Linda, Art of Personal Renewal participant

You embody all that yoga gives—love, trust, stamina, vulnerability and more. It is your passion to share these qualities and your desire for everyone to claim them for themselves that I am so grateful for”
Penny, YTT Graduate

This training was a journey of risk and reward, learning and laughter, but most of all...magic.”
Paul Donelan, YTT Graduate