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She Rises: Aligning with the Divine Feminine Within

by | Feb 10, 2023 | 0 comments

This week I talked to Singer/Songwriter Rachel McGarry about her gorgeous new creation She Rises, a devotional chant album dedicated to the Divine Feminine. 

This conversation is about flowing, allowing, and receiving, energies everyone can tap into.

Especially if you’re feeling worn out and weary, grab some tea and meet us there.

Rachel shares:

  • What happened when she completely changed the way she approached this project
  • How living in alignment with these energies requires a different kind of trust
  • How meditation is a gateway for creativity 
  • How we can honour what’s unfolding in front of us, in everything we do
  • We’re not as in control as we think, and how to let go of striving.
  • When we’re not trying so hard, creative ideas come through organically
  • How opening and being present allow us to “catch” the inspiration we need
  • Why softness and self-compassion clear the path ahead

At the end of our chat, Rachel shares her new song Lakshmi Love Song. I was so moved and soothed that I’m listening to it every day for the next week (my Valentine present to myself). Wanna join me? Let’s meet there, in the softness.

All my love, 

Time Sensitive: Support Rachel’s Kickstarter campaign at:


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