Please choose the amount you can afford for the value of our work. Here's to unbridled joy in 2021!

Love and respect, Team DevaTree

  • Friend (covers supplies) $10.00 - monthly
  • Subscriber (covers supplies and time) $15.00 - monthly
  • Supporter (provide a letter for someone in need) $20.00 - monthly
  • Donor (provide 2 letters for someone in need) $30.00 - monthly
  • Patron (receive monthly livestream DT classes*) $40.00 - monthly
  • Patron Plus (receive monthly livestream DT classes* plus monthly calls with Tamika and Carolyn) $50.00 - monthly

*Morning Yoga classes take place on existing training weekends with 1-4 classes available per month. Monthly schedule will be provided.

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