Loti Scholarship

Loti (Joan) Mason-Grant: December 16, 1958 – May 21, 2009

“We need this transformation of consciousness to sustain us
in the work that must be done.” Loti

Loti, Tamika and Carolyn

Loti was a treasured friend, a dedicated and thoughtful yogi, a passionate activist, and a wise teacher. She encouraged critical thinking about our place in the world, and facilitated transformation and growth on our planet. She was a fearless leader in the areas of social justice, environmentalism and sustainability, and gender inequality.

Loti at the beachLoti believed that it was through daily, mindful, conscious practices like yoga that we could transform our lives and reconnect with our deepest self, each other, and the Earth. She taught that a shift in our daily practices rather than abstract, intellectual ideas, was the key to cultivating an embodied sense of hope that had the power to make changes in the world around us. Loti believed that we become what we practice.

In honor of Loti’s dedication to selfless service, DevaTree School of Yoga has created two yoga training scholarships in her name:

1) The 200-hr Cross-Disciplinary Yoga Teacher Training (basic certification) full course scholarship. One award per year.

2) The 300-hr Advanced Yoga Teacher Training (post-200 hr) scholarship, which provides a 500-hr level Advanced certification. These 300-hrs are taken in 50 and 100- hr modules to equal 300-hrs. One award every two years (applications accepted next for 2021).

This scholarship is open to applicants who demonstrate the following:

  • A commitment to the practice of yoga, not necessarily limited to asana or physical yoga.
  • Financial need – based on household income, exceptional circumstances taken into consideration
  • A current and ongoing practice of community outreach and/or volunteer work
  • A desire to bring the transformative practice of yoga into their life in a deeper way
  • A commitment to giving yoga back to the community where there is a need
  • 200-Hr Recipients: Agreement to give 20 hours of volunteer yoga back to a community organization or group
  • 300-Hr Recipients: Agreement to give 30 hours of volunteer yoga back to a community organization or group
  • Agreement to give 10 service hours back to DevaTree on an as needed basis

All scholarship applications must be completed in full. Applications that are submitted past the deadline, or do not have all parts completed, will be disqualified. If for any reason applicants need support completing the application form, please contact us.

Application Information

200hr Scholarhip Application:
We will be accepting submissions between September 1, 2021 - January 15, 2021. Deadline for submissions is January 14, 2022

300hr Scholarship Application:
We will be accepting submissions between September 1, 2021 - January 15, 2021. Deadline for submissions is January 13, 2023.

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Tamika and Loti