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Independent Study Program

Independent Studies

Carolyn Burke
Tamika Schilbe

1000-hr Yoga Educators


The independent study program is intended for students on the 1000-hr DevaTree certification track. The work can be varied in nature and will include a final project of your choice. During the study, you will delve deeply into your specialized area of interest and focus on practical
application(s), recommendations, and any relevant findings from your informal research. Each block is 50-hours. Multiple blocks can be combined to work on larger projects. Independent studies are best suited to those who are self-motivated, however you will receive regular, individualized mentoring and support during your study period.

DevaTree will Provide:

  • Guidance to narrow or focus your topic.
  • Support to create a work plan that fits within your hours of study (50, 100, 150, or 200-hrs.)
  • Selection of Tamika and/or Carolyn as a Faculty Advisor, depending on the topic area.
  • Relevant resources to support your work.
  • Regular meetings with your Faculty Advisor and as-needed support via email during your study block period.
  • Review of your project progress and feedback as requested.
  • Upon graduation, opportunity to present your work to the larger DevaTree community
    (optional) in the form of an interview vlog, blog, or as a podcast guest.
  • Featured placement on the DevaTree website under the 1000-hr graduate section.

Students are Responsible for:

  • Registering for the program.
  • Selecting the Block(s) you will be registering for.
  • Meeting with your Faculty Advisor to propose a topic of study.
  • Attending scheduled meetings with your Faculty Advisor and coming prepared with questions
    and updates.
  • Informing your Faculty Advisor of any significant delays or changes to the area of study
    or timing of completion.
  • Submitting an initial draft or offering a verbal summary of the final project in three weeks
    before the end of the last learning block, for review and feedback.
  • Ensuring significant sources of outside information (if used) are credited in the final
  • If applicable, submitting the final project at the end of the block (unless independent study
    spans one or more blocks).

When you sign up for your Independent study, you will indicate how many hours will be a part
of your study in order to complete your 1000-hr track.

Block Details:

Each 50-hours of Independent study is offered in a 3-month block format that includes an allotted time with your Faculty Advisor. You and your faculty advisor will discuss your learning style, learning needs, and support preferences to determine the frequency of meetings. Each block represents 50 hours, therefore how many blocks you register for depends on the hours you need to complete. For example, if you need to complete 50 hours, you’ll register for 1 block, and if you need 150 hours, you’ll register for 3. When registering for multiple blocks, most students choose one topic to explore over the entire period.

Note, that if your schedule requires you to work on Independent Study outside of your block, let us know as soon as possible and we will discuss options.

Independent Study Fees

For those registering for multiple blocks at once, we’ve implemented an increasing discount as outlined below. In order to receive this discount, students must register and purchase all blocks in full at the same time. If students register for 1 block at a time, the regular price of $695 + HST per block will apply.

1 Block: $695 + HST
2 Blocks: $595 + HST each ($1190 + HST)
3 Blocks: $495 + HST each ($1485 + HST)
4 Blocks: $455 + HST each ($1820 + HST)

We look forward to supporting you in your Independent Study goals and professional development as an Advanced Level Yoga Educator!