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How Ayurveda can Support Your Family

by | May 1, 2019 | 0 comments

Last week my daughter would not get moving—she was sitting on the ground resting her head on a chair. I’m telling her what we need to do that night­­—which included getting up off the ground—but she wouldn’t budge.

Then I remembered my chat with Bija Repta about how Ayurveda can help families, and I knew exactly what to do next.

We hear about Ayurveda (doshas and constitutions) in yoga circles a lot, but it’s also helpful for families. It can help parents and families understand each other’s behavior in a whole new light.

It can also help us understand ourselves growing up, and why we may have had very different experiences than our siblings.

Bija Repta, Ayurvedic practitioner shares her insights on parenting from the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda.

Did this help you understand yourself or your family? As always, we love hearing from you in the comments below.

This vata-gal’s going to take off her shoes and walk on the earth.

With love,
Carolyn (and Bija)


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