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Created by Carolyn Burke and Tamika Schilbe Cole


“Teaching yoga to children has long been misunderstood. This work goes far beyond the adult world of stretching and breathing.”

Experience the course that has helped hundreds of people transform their practice and teachings by increasing creativity, joy, playfulness, and spontaneity.

This earth-centered program helps children befriend their inner voice and celebrate their individuality. HeartRise® Children’s Yoga educators teach in a variety of settings including studios, schools, community centers, and privately.

For the first time ever, the HeartRise program is available in a self-paced, online format.

Tamika and Carolyn have been teaching children’s yoga since the early 2000’s. They’ve supported teachers from across the globe to follow their calling to share yoga with children and youth.

Whether you’re interested in teaching yoga to children, uncovering a more playful side of yourself, invigorating your parenting, or bringing more creativity into your adult classes, HeartRise is the program for you.

“I am loving being back in the DevaTree universe and seeing mentors and friends on the videos. It’s exactly what I needed to help me feel grounded. I’m enjoying the freedom of watching and learning at my own pace. I feel so aligned with the free-flowing and vocal style of HeartRise. It has been such a gift.”

Denise Teasdale

This Course Includes…

Immerse yourself in this comprehensive online certificate program and learn everything you need to know about teaching yoga to children. Explore creative games and activities, breath practices, Pocket Poses™, chanting for children, HeartRise Musical Movements™, and children’s yoga flows through playful experiential learning. Learn at your own pace from the comfort of your home. Watch interactive pre-recorded videos of real students learning to teach children.


In this training, you’ll learn to skillfully support children of all ages, backgrounds, and learning styles. By maintaining the delicate balance between freedom and structure, the children you teach will experience deeper levels of engagement, self-acceptance, flexibility, and courage.

Through personal exploration and discovery of your own childhood wisdom, you’ll uncover new levels of wonder, joy, creativity, and freedom, enhancing every aspect of your teaching.

“This is such an AMAZING course! I took it to help me become a better teacher and increase my odds at getting hired by the school board and I ended up growing and expanding on a personal level that was completely unexpected and profound! You will never regret joining these sensational women for this experience!”

Becki Dries

This program includes extensive online training material that will become a treasured resource to inspire you far beyond graduation. The tools, techniques, resources, and confidence you gain will help you offer children and teens classes that connect them with their innate wisdom.

“I can’t recommend this training highly enough. The curriculum, teachers, and environment they create feeds the heart and soul. I’m so proud to call myself a HeartRise graduate.”

Sheryl Puckering

This transformative online course includes…

The flows, classes, tools, and techniques in this program will help you lighten your life and reclaim your original innocence.

“There are no words to express how grateful I am that you created, envisioned, and put into action what enables us to see, hear, and know the soul of a child. DevaTree is a beautiful group of people with a beautiful vision and HeartRise was a deeply life-affirming experience. I highly recommend this training!”

Jennifer Destun

What Will I Learn in This Course?

  • Key Components of a Children’s Yoga Class
  • Sequencing and class design
  • Benefits and cautions of children’s yoga
  • Breath practices for kids and teens
  • Guided visualizations
  • Meditations for kids and teens
  • Yoga flows, games, activities, and art
  • Pocket poses
  • Grounding tools and postures
  • Active and reflective practices
  • Musical movements for focus and attention
  • Teaching earth-centered children’s yoga
  • Trauma-informed yoga for kids
  • Anatomy for kids
  • How kids develop adults
  • Cultivating a lifetime love of yoga
  • Engaging multiple intelligences in a kid’s yoga class
  • Creating a safe and fun environment
  • Managing energy (behaviour)
  • Balancing structure and freedom
  • The development of play
  • Children as multi-dimensional beings
  • Developmental movement patterns
  • The development of emotions and creativity
  • Using song and chant with children
  • Power Thinking for children’s yoga
  • Turning on your inner power
  • Teaching Chakras: The Rainbow Body
  • Cooperative vs. competitive play
  • Using music in a kid’s yoga experience
  • Little subtle energy bodies
  • Yoga for every child
  • Considerations for teaching teens
  • Specialty classes
  • Family yoga
  • Toddler yoga
  • Tools to help reset the room
  • Culturally sensitive yoga
  • Adapting your teachings for different settings
  • Teaching yoga to kids in schools
  • Teaching triggers and how to overcome them
  • Presenting yoga to school teachers, staff, and admin
  • Starting your own kids yoga business
  • How to inspire and uplift children
  • How to honour a child’s innate wisdom
  • Utilizing your inner child when teaching yoga

Teaching Team Includes:

Catherine Tansley

RYT 500+

A yoga instructor since 2008, Catherine has assisted and taught in a variety of foundational and advanced teacher training programs with DevaTree. Catherine is also a kindergarten teacher in outdoor education where she incorporates yoga into her work. She brings joy, enthusiasm, and curiosity to children and adults alike. Catherine teaches the core curriculum in the HeartRise program.


Wendy Brown

RYT 1000

Wendy has assisted the HeartRise program since 2013. Wendy delights all with her contagious laugh, playful spirit, and love of music. When Wendy’s not teaching, assisting, or supporting people in recovery, she is “Grammie” to 4 incredible little souls. Wendy has extensive experience teaching children and shares her wisdom in the HeartRise program.

Course Format

Heartrise Yoga Teacher Training includes 50 hours of study and practice. This online course involves self-paced learning (videos, discussion boards, and downloadable handouts) delivered on DevaTree’s Teachable platform. Self-paced learning is intended to create more space for you to digest the material.

You’ll also have access to recorded teacher training classes where you’ll hear students share their experiences as they integrate their learning.

“I feel a deep change inside myself since HeartRise. I have felt this on other occasions but never as profoundly as I am feeling this time. The HeartRise Training has been deeply healing, transformational, and inspiring for me. And it was so much FUN!!! I thank you both deeply for this gift. I can’t wait to share what I have learned and discovered with my child and adult students. Thank you, Tamika and Carolyn!”
Fabienne Suter

Yoga Educator


We want you to be fully satisfied with your training experience, therefore refunds can be issued within 3 days of purchase. After that, the course is yours and you’ll have lifetime access to come back and learn as often as you like. Due to the digital nature of the content, once that deadline has passed, no refunds are available. 

There are no prerequisites for this course.

Pricing: $497.00 CAD

HeartRise Children’s Yoga Teacher Training is eligible for 30 CEU (Continuing Education credits) with Yoga Alliance and can be used towards your 1000-hr Advanced Level Certification with DevaTree.