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Vicky Sarasvati Morrison, RYT ~ 500

Lucknow, ON

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Vicky Sarasvati Morrison

My yoga journey began at a time when my world felt out of sorts and my need for finding balance in my life became apparent. Yoga has given me my life direction back and I am so grateful for each experience & teaching I have had. For me yoga is not just about the mat but how I can take Yoga into my daily living. I teach yoga that brings awareness of the body & breath together in a beautiful heart flow dance that brings peace & serenity to your whole being.Through pranayam (breathwork); asanas/kriyas (postures);mantras (chanting), mudras(hand yoga), meditation and deep relaxation each class flow you will experience a deeper relationship with the body, mind & soul. I teach public classes in Lucknow and private yoga at the farm. I am Health & Lifestyle Coach focusing on the journeys of MidLife Women in search of their true path. ( ) I look forward to crossing paths with you in your Yoga Journey… Om Shanti, Blessed Be

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