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Vanessa Vella

Toronto, ON

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Vanessa Vella

Hi there, my name is Vanessa!

I’m a pretty normal weirdo who strives for happiness, struggles with things ranging from Big & Important to Silly & Ridiculous and posts way too many photos of my cats online.

One of my many interests is collecting various jobs. I am a Life Coach, Nutrition Coach and Personal Trainer, so I decided to go ahead and became a Yoga Teacher too! I love learning, and some people might say I have a mild addiction to taking courses (I admit, I am one of those people!). You should know that my wild and crazy book learnin’ journey to become a coach-of-all-kinds has really been a personal journey of introspection and growth - with tons of synchronicity along the way.

Like many people I came to yoga for all the good stretching. The first few times I tried it, I hated it! I was like “Why is it so slow?!”. I now know that yoga was challenging me to Be and not Do that was unknown to me then. Since those first confusing classes, yoga has given me so much and opened me up to experiences I would have otherwise missed out on. Thanks, yoga!

As a result, I’ve always tried to keep my beginner’s mind and remember what it is like to be new to yoga, or any other thing for that matter. It’s magical the way new experiences can be fun and weird and exciting and awkward all at once. I stuck with yoga, and over time I noticed that in addition to being stretchier and stronger, my thinky and feely parts were much happier too. That’s a sweet deal!

When working with clients, I like to take Big Ideas and break them down into steps and sequencing those steps in a way that makes sense, is practical and allows people to feel successful and confident. I use this approach in my coaching and personal training sessions too! I am proud to say I have many happy and successful clients.

I chose to learn with Devatree School of Yoga because they have a strong and supportive vision of teaching yoga in a way that is student-centered, integrated and inspired by many awesome yoga traditions.

It is hugely important for me to honour people as whole and complete beings, and to see and hear every aspect of their fascinating lives. Life is a continual journey of growth and transformation. We are all so connected and share so many experiences as humans. Email me to make a connection and journey together!

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Contact me for Life Coaching, Nutrition, Psychology of Change, Exercise, Goal Setting, Anatomy, Client-Centered Coaching, Laughing & Having Fun

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