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Sheryl Puckering

Brantford, ON

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Sheryl Puckering

As an educator, parent and having being involved in numerous programs and activities with and for children for many years I have seen a shift firsthand in our young people's physical, emotional, spiritual health and well being. I'm so grateful to have discovered yoga and to have personally experienced increased flexibility, improved fitness levels, and a the beauty and empowerment of living a balanced, centered and happy life.
My heart desire is to share the power of yoga and its many benefits both on and off the mat. With a personal philosophy that our lives and the lives of children can be enriched when we have available the tools of breath, movement and the ability to quiet our minds and love on ourselves with pure and simple acceptance I am so grateful to be living my dream. Sharing yoga with young people is a privilege and a gift in so many ways. To allow a safe place where children's and teen's truest self can be encouraged and celebrated with music, stories, dance and movement is magic on so many levels.

Teaching yoga to our youth and sharing how schools, teams, teachers, support staff and parents can help children learn and use the power within themselves to self regulate, de-stress, build self-esteem and become healthier, happier, more grounded individuals is a true passion.

I would love to conect with you and share more. Please contact me through the email link below or phone at 519-756-3297.

Peace and Joy,


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