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Nicole Versaevel

London ON

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Nicole Versaevel

My yoga journey began 20 years ago, studying under various teachers, experimenting with many traditions. My practice of yoga has developed both on and off the mat.

My curiosity about connecting the body, mind and soul drew me to study Mindfulness Meditation at the University of California, where I received a certification as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction faciliator in 2015.

To deepen my yoga practice I completed the Deva Tree 200 hour certification program in June 2016 and was elated by this transormative experience.

I currently journey with businesses and individuals to engage in mindful visioning, using yoga, meditation and creative expression as tools to become aligned with core values and create strategic plans.

My personal vision is to create a world in which every person expereinces their worth. I believe that we all seek safety, security and visibility. My classes create a environment of compassion and love. I am motivated to hold space that enables students to connect to their inner wisdom, and to and create a context for students to realize their potential, build resilience and capacity.

Please contact me through the link below or by phone at 519-702-4430 if you would like more information about my offerings.

Contact me for Meditation, Mindful Movement, Trauma Informed Yoga

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