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Lisa Santosha Mosher, RYT 1000

Southampton, ON

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Lisa Santosha Mosher, RYT 1000

“Santosha” is the practice of finding contentment or happiness, regardless of the external circumstances. It’s the practice of remembering that what you have now is precious and transitory.

Yoga has been weaving in and out of my life for the last ten plus years, sometimes gracefully and sometimes with a message so powerful that my only choice was to stay, listen, and surrender. My yoga practice and journey has given me an amazing opportunity for self-discovery, exploration, development and acceptance.

This coming together of mind, body and spirit has created more peace, strength, balance and grace in my world.

My beliefs and philosophy are closely aligned with DevaTree. The DevaTree Cross-Disciplinary Yoga approach has at its most fundamental roots the belief that yoga is meant to be inclusive. It honors that each student comes to yoga with certain preferences, experiences, biases and interests and that these qualities may shift and change throughout the individual’s lifespan.

My intention is to create compassionate, inclusive, and creative learning experiences that nourish mind, body and spirit. Come join me in the dance!

Contact me for 200-Hr DevaTree Yoga Certification in Grey-Bruce, Ontario.

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