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Linda Weir

London ON

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Linda Weir

Expedition Inner Wisdom Incorporated: “Exploring the Inner Landscape”

corporate, public, and private empowerment coaching, classes, and retreats

with Linda Weir B.A., M.Ed., RYT200

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Expedition Inner Wisdom Incorporated ( creates custom, corporate and non-corporate, private and public experiences (a.k.a. expeditions) that playfully and reflectively promote personal and professional growth through spiritual, non-denominational, solitary, and interactive exploration of the intra personal (knowing your heart) and the interpersonal (understanding the heart of relationships). With the needs and interests of the particular client group in mind, tailor-made expeditions focus on increasing access to inner wisdom through a variety of gentle, imaginative activities (that include yoga to the degree the client desires). Activities are designed to foster curiosity and discovery of one’s own inner strengths and one’s connectedness to others and to nature. Specifically, participants explore a more conscious awareness and honing of intuition and intention. Venues and activities vary according to the particular client group.

Empowerment expeditions are designed to ignite the creative power and innate wisdom deep within the individual. These expeditions of the internal landscape come in the form of retreats, workshops, seminars, or even “parties” depending on the needs/interests of the clients. Guiding the client’s ability to tap into and further develop his/her true, magnificent potential is accomplished through a layering of activities that can include, but are not limited to, sitting/walking meditation, hiking, biking, and self-reflection through guided journaling. To some degree, depending on the target audience, yoga is incorporated into each event, as it acts as an optimal vehicle for enhancing the body/mind/spirit connection that is so critical to the fruitful exploration of the inner landscape. Yoga can also be the entire content. Venues vary based on client need and means. Participants can expect to feel re-inspired and replenished by the discovery (or rediscovery) of the infinite power within that uplifts not only the individual but, by extension, those people he/she comes in contact with.

Yoga expeditions come in many forms from the more traditional, indoor yoga classes at varying locations to yoga hikes and gatherings in some of nature’s most beautiful spots. View some of our previous yoga adventure sites in the pictures on our website Currently, we are providing private, custom, small group yoga and meditation classes in the London, Ontario area. We do offer some pro bono work for groups/organizations that promote the greater good especially as it relates to care of our planet and one another. This summer 2018, a number of yoga adventures will take place in and around the Turkey Point Provincial Park area by the shores of beautiful Lake Erie in Ontario, Canada. We adore sunrise, sunset, and moonlight yoga classes on the beach! No experience with yoga is necessary, and experienced yogis have enjoyed our classes as well. For details on us creating your custom group expedition into the land of wellness and/or for upcoming yoga classes open to the public, please visit our website to check out our “Upcoming Events” tab and/or send us an email through our “Contact Us” tab or email us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)!

Example of what to expect from a custom day retreat:

Treat yourself to a replenishing day of long-lasting, far-reaching personal growth and empowerment. An infinite source of beauty and joy lies within you. Mining this source of peace and tranquility awaits you in this expedition’s exploration of your inner landscape. Reap the rewards of enhancing your connection to your body and soul. Examine those automatic internal monologues and learn to intentionally shape your thinking for your higher good and greater joy. This self-reflective, non-denominational adventure incorporates meditation, guided journaling based on power questions inspired by the Coaches Training Institute in California, yoga and the nourishment of local, organic vegetarian food.

For custom-made yoga classes, the sky is the limit! We design yoga classes for corporate and organizational Health and Wellness committees, high school student wellness initiatives, and we tailor-make wedding shower and birthday celebrations for the spiritually-minded, health-conscious adult or child. Interested? Contact us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) to explore the co-creation of your next custom yoga event!

As a result of participation in any of the expeditions, participants can expect to:

*enhance awareness of and communication with inner, intuitive wisdom

*explore and identify a variety of methods for accessing personal strength and wellness

*cultivate perspectives that greet life’s challenges as the soul’s opportunities for transformation and as a way to grow inner and world peace

*increase the health of interpersonal relationships and the effectiveness of team collaboration by honouring the diverse nature and talents of others and by reflecting upon and consciously capitalizing on personal, unique gifts

*expand a sense of overall well-being in both personal and professional life

Linda Weir B.A., M.Ed., RYT200, the founder and president of Expedition Inner Wisdom Incorporated, imaginatively designs and delivers the expeditions layering the transformational experiences often in a Martha Stewart detailed kind of way and always with a reverence to and incorporation of nature. She draws upon years of experience in a variety of roles. For over twenty years, she taught high school drama, English, and Special Education classes. In the past decade, she worked as a secondary school vice-principal, Tragic Events Response Team responder, and a yoga instructor. She is a licensed Stephen Covey: 7 Habits of Highly Effective People course facilitator and has successfully run a private, life-coaching practice. She has completed all of the core courses of the Co-Active Life Coaching Training Program from the Coaches Training Institute in California, the Fundamentals of Hospice Palliative Care training sponsored by the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care, the threat Risk Assessment Training (Levels I and II) through Lethbridge College and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, her Masters of Education in Leadership with Charles Sturt University in Australia. She is a Registered Yoga Teacher (RYT200) with Yoga Alliance. In April 2018, as part of her continuous conviction to be a lifelong learner, she completed Deva Tree's 50 hour Subtle Energy Body Yoga Teacher Training. Linda believes that each individual is creative, resourceful and whole and a perfect expression of nature. She devotes her energy into deepening appreciation and awareness of the body, mind, and spirit connection and its power to transform lives for the greater good of one and all. Linda maintains that when individuals develop the ability to authentically love and honour their own magnificence, the wellness of others and the planet blossoms.


“Linda is a school leader that puts students first by honouring their souls and spirits as individuals. Linda was instrumental in leading ‘respect-based’ initiatives in her school board and assisted in the development of Respect In School – a program designed to empower adults working with youth to be positive role models in their lives. Linda’s natural ‘life-coaching’ approach was paramount to the success of the program.”

Wayne McNeil, Co-founder of Respect Group Inc., Alberta, Canada

“Linda lives and loves deeply on both sides of the veil, propelled by the energy of ‘For the Greater Good of Self and Others’. Her soulful and playful articulation of her spiritual perspective is so entrancing that I am left wondering if she is channelling angels.”

Francie Johnston, former life-coach client of Linda Weir and secondary school science and Student Success Teacher at Parkside Collegiate Institute, St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada

“Linda Weir epitomises integrity and a loving compassion. Linda has had a profound impact on my career choices and the kind of educator and person that I have become. She has inspired me on a daily basis for nearly a decade with her passion and compassion that know no limits: her approach to working, without judgement, with people is gentle and effective. She is profoundly creative and enthusiastic and she tirelessly works to help others find the light inside themselves.”

Jen Vowles, secondary school English teacher, Saunders Secondary School, London, Ontario, Canada

“As Restorative Approaches workers, in our occupation of repairing and re-building harmed relationships, our philosophy involves seeing people not as flawed but as life learners who are always growing and changing. Linda Weir encompasses creativity and a willingness to think outside of a ‘system box’ when working with youth and their families to examine their choices, and she encourages positive alternatives. Linda does not assign shame or blame for change. We would all benefit from basking in Linda’s present and caring approach to life lessons.”

Brenda Mead and Nancy Wrath, Restorative Approach Workers, St.Leonard’s Communtiy Services, London, Ontario, Canada

“During our administrative partnership, here’s what I learned about kids, teachers and school from Linda Weir. Close your mind to the oft deafening ring of hollow change. Steal yourself against its Siren wails. Look through its veil of easy promise. Rather, set your sights on transformation. Put your back and your heart into it, laugh when you find it funny, cry when you’re sadden and keep your eyes at once on your toes and the horizon. Between the two is the sea of change you crave. And I’ve never looked back.”

Drew Cook, Principal, North Middlesex District High School, Parkhill, Ontario, Canada


Don't hesitate to call Linda at 519-902-2059 or email her at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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