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Kim Medynsky MBA, AGDM, B.Ed.

London, Ontario

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Kim Medynsky MBA, AGDM, B.Ed.

I started my yoga journey with my first class with Tamika in 2010, and I was blessed with an amazing teacher who introduced me to myself. Since then, I have been learning to integrate the yoga philosophies into my everyday life as an entrepreneur and business consultant, and I currently teach private yoga sessions and conduct workshops. An indigo girl, Sagittarian, and creative soul, my yoga journey so far has taken me to Costa Rica and Wolfe Island with Tamika & Jyoti; Kripalu; Wanderlust California; Rancho Santa Fe in California with Katie Brauer; and a photoshoot this spring with Robert Sturman and Katie Campbell. Yoga for me is about balance, peace, and enlightenment on and off the mat; and I am so blessed that my husband is a yogi too!

I have deep gratitude for Tamika and Jyoti, and the yoga teachers on my path.


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