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Katrina Murphy

Georgetown, Ontario

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Katrina Murphy

I became a dedicated yoga practitioner more than ten years ago.  As an avid athlete, I was searching for an activity that added variety to my training programme but also something that would give me a chance to slow down.  So much of training and life is about being faster and stronger.  Running, cycling, swimming, and strength training left me out of breath.  Practicing yoga, I found my breath, my thoughts, and my heart.

My love of sports led me to a career as a Health and Physical Education teacher.  I have been teaching children for over 20 years.  My experiences include all ages in and out of the classroom.  Yoga changed how I teach.  First and foremost, we PLAY—all ages.  Second, we take care of each other always remembering to be kind and truthful.  We become a community through which its citizens can develop to their full potential.

I visit schools teaching yoga in the classroom and I currently teach at Studio 2 for Yoga and Wellness in Georgetown, Ontario.  I am also branching out to provide in home fitness for families and children.

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