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John Proctor

Guelph, ON

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John Proctor

John teaches workshops on a variety of drums including Djembe, Taiko, Ashiko and Frame Drums (Native American, Bodhran, Pandeiro) as well as percussion and string instruments crafted from Hard Shelled Gourds (Dotara, Drums, Rattles, Shakers, Rain Gourds, Sistrum). He also makes musical instruments and teaches workshops using recycled materials for groups such as schools, camp councillors, drum circle facilitators, expressive arts and sound practitioners.

He also facilitates drumming and soundscapes for those who respond to the call and the dance of the drum beat such as Wellness Retreats, Festivals, Opening and Closing Ceremonies, Caregiver and Survivor Retreats.

Based in Guelph, Ontario at Earth Tones Studio, 123 Woolwich Street, Trafalgar Building, Second Floor, John teaches workshops there in both the private and public school system or he will come to your group location.

For more information go to:, or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) or telephone 705.455.9666.

Upcoming Drum and Percussion Workshops for February 2015 in Guelph

.All workshops are will be held on a Sunday from 9:30am - 5 pm.

To register or to view samples of workshop drums or for more information:


123 Woolwich Street,Trafalgar Building, Second Floor, Guelph 705.455.9666

Workshop # 1 February 8

African Djembe

[Djembe,Mango Wood,Workshop] In this 6 hour workshop, you will make your own rope tuned drum. After selecting your shell, wrapping and roping the rings, and choosing drum rope, you will attach a goatskin head. A demonstration and handout for final tuning will be provided. Cost: $300

Materials List: Goat skin, Drum shell, Drum rope

Workshop # 2 February 15

Gourd Hand Drum

Hard Shelled Gourds have been used for instrument building for over 3000 years. Virtually every instrument played today has a gourd ancestor.

In this 6 hour session you will make your own rope tuned drum out of a Hard Shelled Gourd in this one day workshop. After cutting, cleaning and finishing the gourd drum body, you will attach a goat skin head with rings and rope. A demonstration for final tuning will be provided. Other gourd percussion instruments will be available for discussion and playing. Cost: $125

Materials List: Hard Shelled Gourd, Drum Rope, Goat Skin, Saw, Cleaning tools, Sandpaper, Awl

Workshop # 3 February 22

Junk Percussion 101

This workshop is ideal for drum circle facilitators, sound practitioners, music teachers, camp councillors, youth and adult education workers, and anyone who would like to build a variety of percussion instruments for low cost. Cost: $150

In this 6 hour session, we will build:

  • Hand Drum from PVC plumbing pipe that converts to a Middle Eastern Doumbec with a goatskin head
  • Coffee can drum and beater, with a calfskin head
  • Soup can rattle
  • Corrugated plastic hose shaker
  • Spring drum
  • Guiro
  • Didgeridoo
  • Materials List: PVC pipe, PVC glue, Saw, Sandpaper, Hose clamps, Goat skin, Beans and seeds,

All workshops are one full day, on Sundays 9:30-5:00

Please reserve your workshop in advance to guarantee your spot.

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