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Jess Huber

St Thomas ON

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Jess Huber

Namaste ~

“Come as you are” is my mantra and my motto. I teach cross-disciplinary yoga that is inclusive and welcoming of all bodies and genders. Teaching yoga is a sacred privilege and one that I take very seriously. When I am in front of a class, my intention is to lead by example which includes modifications, props, and gentle awareness.

I believe that yoga can help us honour our breath and come into our bodies. I bring joy to a group practice because I know that learning to play and have fun on the mat can lead to valuable exploration.

My personal practice involves Bhakti devotional yoga and I love to chant. I sing at kirtan and have the great pleasure of exploring musical meditation.

The gifts of growth and grace that yoga and meditation continue to offer in my life are precious. I join my teachers and mentors in expressing daily gratitude that I have found this path. I hope others have the opportunity to experience the peace and love that this lifestyle can offer.

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