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Jennifer Carrie

Port Stanley

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Jennifer Carrie

Yoga is so unique and personal for everyone in every moment of their life! Yoga embraced me and began to weave itself into the fabric of my work life as a Kindergarten teacher, my family life as a wife and a mother, my relationships and then eventually into the very way my mind and body and soul were being formed. It is as though I gradually began to live “yoga” as a way of life, so organically and day by day that it was just a natural becoming. I became rooted in yoga.

Now that I have completed 200 hours of yoga training, I stand at a new “edge” where I have the opportunity to share my love of all things yoga: postures, thinking, breathing, meditation, relaxation, wonder, curiosity, discovery and exploration. I am so eager to see where yoga will take me next in this journey and am honoured that others, adults and children, may choose to explore alongside me as we learn with one another through engaging in yoga. As a recently certified children’s yoga teacher, I am passionate to begin sharing yoga with children.

I have created “BE” experience of yoga where the mind and body and soul come home. At “BE” we will work together, privately or in small groups, to create a yoga experience that is tailored to exactly where you happen to “be” in life…. here and now. Just as life looks different every day and every moment, our yoga will look and feel different each time we come to our mat. So, I will take the time to connect with you and then we will explore and discover together as our body and mind and soul find a home to return to. Let’s become embodied, present and curious….

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