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Emma O’Connor

London, ON

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Emma O’Connor

Hi there Beautiful People!

My name is Emma O'Connor, owner of Femme Force Fitness in London, Ontario. Femme Force Fitness is not like your typical “big box” gym - we are a unique, women's only facility where every woman is treated equally no matter what their shape, size, fitness level, age, or ability. I firmly believe that complete fitness includes the whole complex of the mind, body, and soul! It is this belief that drives me to create a safe, encouraging, supportive “community” energy at Femme Force.

I am proud to share that the strong vibes of love, positivity, and family in our gym encourage women to appreciate what their bodies can do for them and recognize that their minds are just as powerful as their bodies! That's where our motto comes from - “STRONG MINDS STRONG BODIES”. The moment you change your perception, is the moment you rewrite the chemistry of your body. This philosophy has lead me on a path to incorporate yoga into my life as I work on creating balance in my mindy/body/soul complex. My yoga journey continues to be beautiful and empowering!

By offering programs such as boot camp, kick boxing, self defense, Fun Fit For Kids, and yoga, it is my hope that I can continue to find ways to reach out to women and children and give them tools that will truly help them LOVE and honor their bodies as they are - PERFECT, WHOLE, AND COMPLETE. YOU ARE ENOUGH.

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