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Dawn Smith, 200-hr YTT

Owen Sound, Ontario

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Dawn Smith

The DevaTree 200 hour teacher training changed my life. Not only did I make some wonderful new friends that I will treasure forever, I learned so much about myself and about the practice of yoga. I am fascinated by the human body and what it can do. I incorporate this fascination with the energy connections from the earth and offer both a gentle and a more strenuous class where we focus on body awareness and awe and build confidence to try new poses. Having spent time in recovery, I know the value of humility and trying and falling out of a yoga pose helps us to eliminate the ego—a key component of success both in yoga and in life.

I am also beginning to work with a local fire department to offer yoga as a tool to manage stress and prevent PTSD, as well as strengthen core muscles and improve flexibility of the firefighters.

I teach a gentle class at Miss Fit Studio on Tuesdays (changing to Thursdays for the summer) at 7pm, and a Sweaty Serenity class alternating Saturday mornings at 10am.

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