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Christine Stowe, Certified Children's Yoga Teacher

London, ON

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Christine Stowe


I am a certified Medial Intuitive, Reiki Master, 200 RYT and a Certified Children's Yoga Instructor. After more than 10 years of international work, I discovered I have a deep passion for leading people into unexplored territory both in the physical and spiritual realms. Through much self-discovery I have learned that the greatest mysteries lie-within and view myself as a Tour-Of-The-Soul Guide helping people traverse the human experience.

I am a born adventurer who has a childlike curiosity about everything and brings that into all she does. As a proud mother of one, I continue to grow by forming meaningful connections with all I meet, living my life on purpose, practicing mind-body-soul
alignment and operating from wholeness.

My goal is to give back to my community and the environment by forming meaningful connections and sharing tools to achieve holistic health and co-creation. I have a personal mandate to spread 80,000 seeds of personal change. Contact me for retreats, classes, or coaching.

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