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Chelsea Jackson

London, Ont

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Chelsea Jackson

“If you are to be in relationship to yourself you must start where you are.” -Don Stapleton

My journey with yoga began almost 20 years ago, yet it wasn’t until I studied with DevaTree that I really honed my relationship to my body’s wisdom. This is the ultimate foundation for my teaching, to help culitvate body wisdom by observing of sensation and connection to breath. This process really allows the ability to respond to what movement your body was asking for in that moment. I believe in empowering each student to decide what feels good for them, as I support and guide from the sidelines. You are your own authority.

Taking the “shoulds” out of it, and inviting you to find your personal practice of Yoga.

I teach at BPM Fitness & Yoga, a holistic studio grounded in community, acceptance and self-compassion. Hope to see you soon xo


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High Vibes,


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