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Bev McLelland

Kincardine, ON

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Bev McLelland

Always being a physically active person Beverley first came to yoga approximately 15 years ago for the exercise, going regularly to classes as well as doing her own practice. It was her daughter, already being involved in the training of yoga and sharing some leadership roles that repeatedly would mention to her she should teach yoga, for many years she was comfortable at being a student. The opportunity became available and her sister-in-law was one of the faculty of her first 200 hours. During her training, she recognized a clear path that she wanted to be on, and went from the point of thinking, she could not teach yoga to thinking she cannot, not teach yoga. The study of yoga continues to fascinate her, the complexity as human beings, combined with not only the physical but also emotional and spiritual and how every part of our being is affected and connected.

This training opened doorways to a constant practise and reaping the benefits, soon to follow with a passion to share. What a gift! Sharing the tools to lead a healthy and balanced life. Putting this practice to use every day to help diminish stress in her very busy life and to continue to build a healthy immune system, bringing a calmness and peace. Also learning by taking some time and giving back to herself with the practice of yoga, to replenish, and rejuvenate, from there it only can overflow outward. “Peace is defined as a quiet heart”, author unknown.

Beverley’s yoga classes are designed for the students present, with pose variations and alternative poses suggested, to make it all levels yoga, beginners are always welcome as well as long time yogiis. The movements with focus and grace, as we enjoy the combination of the poses, flowing in a sequence is a prayer like dance not caring which one leads, the body or the breath.

Her intention is to provide a safe space for students to explore, strengthen the body, increase flexibility and find balance in mind, body and spirit, with never any competition to yoga, while being encouraged to just do your best. Having a great appreciation for the practice of yoga and its benefits along with feeling grounded, having a keenness for knowledge and understanding, Beverley’s joy of teaching lightens her heart. She enjoys meeting her students were they are at.

Bev began teaching in 2011, she teaches twice a week at the Kincardine United Church, for more information visit her website at or email .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Beverley McLelland 500RYT

Kincardine, Ontario

And always a student of Yoga

Contact me for gentle stretching, restorative, and yin yoga

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