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Alejandro Zuluaga, 200hr YTT

London, ON

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Alejandro Zuluaga

Alejandro encountered Hatha yoga at the age of 18, and for 10 years it was a place to-go-to for safety and tranquility within. For the past 5 years I have embarked on a healing journey where my practice continues to grow from a place of refuge into a path of action and a lifestyle of returning to embodiment.

Since 2009 I have been working with homeless populations, youth at risk, addictions and mental health. Yoga, meditation and dancing have been the tuning balancing practices to continue exploring and honoring this body-mind phenomenon in relation to our collective experience.

My praxis is based in returning to this present moment by abondoning oneself to the breath, the impulse and the physical practice. The intention is expanding the awareness of our communal connection.

The joy of belonging. We are all one.

Contact me for Yoga Praxis, Mindful Meditation, Holistic Massage, Latin Dancing & Wellness Recovery Counselling.

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