About 500-hr and 1000-hr Yoga Teacher Trainings

Professional Development at the 500-hr Level

After your initial 200 hours of yoga training, to become certified at the advanced level, teachers are required to take an additional 300 hours of training with a recognized yoga school.  These 300 hours must cover certain curriculum requirements in order to meet Yoga Alliance standards.

DevaTree School of Yoga has created a menu of diverse course offerings in either 50 or 100-hour modules, so that you can receive your certification in a way that honors your unique interests and fits easily into your lifestyle.

To meet Yoga Alliance standards, 150 hours of your course-time is selected from our Core Curriculum.  At this time, Core Curriculum courses include: Integrative Anatomy (100hrs); Beyond the Basics: The Subtle Energy Body (50hrs); Beyond the Basics: Advanced Asana (50hrs) & Hands On Assists (50 hours).  

For the other 150 hours of your 500-hr level certification, choose from any of our elective courses, including: Meditation in the Modern Age (50 hrs), Fascial Stretch Yoga Teacher Training (50 hrs), Down Dogs & Doshas: An Integrated Approach to Ayurveda & Yoga (100hrs), Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga & Shamanism (100 hrs), Kirtan Academy: Bhakti Heart Fire (50 hrs), Restorative Yoga (50 hrs), Yoga for Longevity (50hrs), and Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle Retreat in Costa Rica (50 hrs).

Our 500-hr certification program is open to students from all schools and yoga traditions. Each of our instructors are world-class trainers and have a deep passion for their chosen field of study.  Many of our courses are offered both in Canada, as well as in sacred sites across the globe.  Non-yoga instructors who wish to take courses for personal development are welcome, as well as those who plan to complete their 200-hr certification at a later time.

Professional Development at the 1000-hr Level

DevaTree School of Yoga offers an Advanced Post-Graduate Certificate in professional yoga education at the 1000-hour level.  This Certificate is designed for students dedicated to ongoing personal and professional development as Cross-Disciplinary Yoga™ Educators.

Students can complete their initial 200-hr certification with any school of yoga. To be eligible for this certificate, the additional 800 hours are completed with DevaTree.

Upcoming Trainings

May 18, 2018–October 22, 2018
100-hour Down Dogs and Doshas: An Integrated Approach to Ayurveda & Yoga

July 20, 2018–August 19, 2018
50-hr Fascial Release Yoga Teacher Training

September 13, 2018–October 14, 2018
*50-hr Hands On Assists

September 20, 2018–November 11, 2018
HeartRiseĀ® Childrenā€™s Yoga Teacher Training in London

September 27, 2018–December 2, 2018
100-hour Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga & Shamanism

October 31, 2018–November 5, 2018
50-hr Kirtan Academy: Bhakti Heart Fire

December 22, 2018–December 29, 2018
Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas Muscle Costa Rica Retreat

January 25, 2019–February 24, 2019
50-hour Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

March 15, 2019–June 23, 2019
*100-hr Integrative Anatomy: Muscles, Bones, Energy & More

April 11, 2019–June 16, 2019
*50-hr Beyond the Basics: The Subtle Energy Body

May 10, 2019–June 9, 2019
50-hour Yoga for Longevity

October 3, 2019–November 10, 2019
*50-hr Beyond the Basics: Advanced Asana