DevaTree School of Yoga

Professional Yoga Trainings

ONLINE *100-hour Yoga for Anxiety
March 26, 2021–July 10, 2021

Long before the pandemic, anxiety was on the rise in North America, impacting people of all ages and backgrounds. Now, with heightened fear and uncertainty (combined with the severing of social connection), more people than ever are finding it difficult to manage everyday stress and anxiety.

ONLINE 2021 200-hr Cross-Disciplinary Yoga Teacher Training in Mulmur
May 20, 2021–August 8, 2021

Whether you are eager to teach, or wish to deepen your practice, this training offers an incredible opportunity to immerse yourself in yoga. Join us in this life-expanding course and experience the transformative effects of yoga flowing into the rest of your life.

ONLINE *50-hr Yoga Anatomy Essentials
June 3, 2021–June 27, 2021

This experiential course synthesizes the vast field of anatomy to make it practical, engaging, and easy to retain.

*50-hr Meditation in the Modern Age ONLINE Hybrid
July 11, 2021–August 22, 2021

Explore the theory, practice, safety and science of multi-style meditation. Includes approaches from a variety of lineages and traditions so teachers can easily adapt their classes for beginners or more advanced students.

50-hr Kirtan Academy: Bhakti Heart Fire
September 9, 2021–October 17, 2021

Devotional Chant artist and teacher, Brenda McMorrow invites you to join her in taking a deep dive into everything Kirtan (a practice of Bhakti Yoga). Whether you have a desire to lead Kirtan, incorporate chant into your yoga practice or teachings, or simply receive its benefits in your own life, this immersion will guide you toward these goals.

HeartRise® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training in London
September 23, 2021–November 14, 2021

Immerse yourself in a climate of playful experiential learning! In this comprehensive certification program, you will explore creative games and activities, breath practices, Pocket Poses, chanting, HeartRise Musical Movements, and children’s yoga flows.

100-hour Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga & Shamanism
September 30, 2021–November 28, 2021

Whispered Wisdom brings two ancient and powerful practices together to dance. It explores the Universal Spirit that is present within all of us, and has many different names in many different wisdom traditions.