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Sacred Symbols Necklace with Garnet

Sacred Symbols Necklace with Garnet

Sacred Symbols Necklace with Garnet Sacred Symbols Necklace with Rhodochrosite Sacred Symbols Necklace with Amethyst

Sacred Symbols Necklace SOLD OUT!

The Sacred Symbols Necklace is a delicate and shining sterling silver chain bearing the sacred symbols of Om, the Lotus flower, and the Tree of Life, as well as the gemstone of your choice. This piece brings together three powerful energies. The Tree of Life symbolizes Mother Nature, abundance, beauty and protection. The lotus flower reminds us how we rise up over and over again from our muddy parts to grow toward the beauty of the light, which is embodied in the Universal symbol of Om. An 18” long chain, this sacred trinity of energy rests at the heart chakra. We recommend honoring your intuitive knowing by choosing the Sacred Symbols gemstone that first calls out to you.

Sacred Symbols Gemstones:

  • Rhodochrosite, a semi-precious pink gemstone that vibrates with a loving energy and strengthens the Heart Chakra. This stone is known to support emotional healing, recovery of forgotten gifts and self-love.
  • Amethyst, a semi-precious purple gemstone that symbolizes spiritual wisdom and growth. This stone is known to support your connection to the Divine, enhance meditation and intuition, and help release emotional blockages, supporting your creativity.
  • Garnet, a purplish-red semi-precious gemstone that activates the root chakra. This stone is known to cultivate feelings of greater security and inner strength, grounding and revitalizing the wearer.
  • For those of you longing for the ocean, White Mother of Pearl brings forth the healing power of the sea. It is known to help reduce fears regarding transition and change, as well as connect us to the feminine qualities of love, compassion and forgiveness. Sold out!

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