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Healing your love relationships

Healing your love relationships

Love Tapestry Meditation with Tamika

Are old hurts, rejections and losses holding you back from experiencing the love of a lifetime? Are you stuck in a relational rut with your current partner, spinning through the same issues over and over again?  Whether you want to attract new love, heal an old wound, or revitalize your current relationship, the Love Tapestry meditation can help you move through your challenges at the energetic level. Relax into this healing journey through the chakras to clear old ties, love-scripts, and energetic chords that may be blocking your health and happiness.  Now is the time to let go of the past, love yourself more, and step into your brilliant future with confidence!

This package includes two downloadable files, an audio file in .mp3 format and an informational sheet in .pdf format.  No shipping charges apply.

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