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The Yummiest Yoga Assist Ever

Posted By Brenda Dowell on May 30, 2017

Years ago, I was in a lying down twist and my teacher gave me an assist that created space—an incredible opening—between my hips and my rib cage. My trust in my teacher allowed me to surrender and soften enough to receive assistance, while still honouring the needs and limitations of my body. I couldn't believe how spacious and open I felt. Read More

Walking Forward with Shaky Legs

Posted By Carolyn on Apr 25, 2017

My eldest daughter seemed to morph into a teenager overnight and I just about lost my mind.

I thought I was ready. I’d supported countless women and teens through this same transition and always thought of it as an exciting time of life, full of potential—which it is. Read More

Malta Video: When Mystery Calls, Answer the Door

Posted By Tamika on Mar 21, 2017

Mom and I were out on the town when a tall blonde woman with feathered hair—not quite Farrah Fawcett, but darn close—stopped me on the street and asked if I was from Malta.
“Um, no…” my 8-year old voice cracked before I bolted outta there. Read More

Dashed Hopes and Letting Go

Posted By Carolyn on Aug 29, 2016

No one was more shocked than me when my oldest daughter told me she wanted to take a professional level yoga training with me this fall. She wanted to study—with her mother. Read More

7 Tools to Balance the “Whoosh” Factor

Posted By Gabby on Nov 17, 2014

Over the last ten years my yoga practice has opened doors to a ton of interesting ideas and practices—both on and off my mat. Some topics made sense to me right away, like the physical anatomy of poses and how I could translate that knowledge into my day-to-day movement. On the flip side, there were other topics—often related to some Sanskrit word I couldn’t pronounce—that I couldn’t imagine fitting into my yoga practice. Read More

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Deepening our Relationship to the Earth
Welcome to the DevaTree Joycast

The DevaTree Joycast is designed to help you playfully nurture your intuition and connect your life to the wisdom of nature in a meaningful way. While we encourage you to approach the Joycast with an attitude of playful curiosity, our reasons for using Nature to convey life messages is rooted in our deep reverence, humility and trust in the Earth. Many people intuitively understand that connecting to nature is necessary for true healing, both as individuals and as a species. At a practical level, it can sooth us, calm our anxieties and invoke our breath to deepen. It can also inconvenience us, unnerve us or scare us with its awesome force and unpredictability. If we admire the beautiful side of nature but feel it is our right to eradicate, sterilize or conquer those parts we dislike or don’t understand, we will likely admire ourselves when life is shiny but reject ourselves when our shadowy side cycles back in. By polarizing in this way, we reject our fundamental nature because like the waves in the ocean we were meant to experience cycles of ebb and flow, light and dark, praise and blame, fame and disrepute. It is the natural way.

So what does it mean to connect meaningfully with nature and where do we begin? Although I faithfully recycle and compost, these are tasks. While helpful, these tasks cannot bring me into a meaningful relationship with the Earth any more than washing my spouse’s car can create the foundation of my marriage. In order to evolve in consciousness, our old attitudes must shift so that we begin to think of the “we” before the “me” not only with each other but also with this planet we inhabit. At its most fundamental level, our real connection with her majesty Mother Earth begins when we simply pay attention and listen. It is actually that simple.

There was a time on Earth when the Sun, Moon, Stars and Weather were held in great reverence and even the sweetness of the wind in the trees or the arrangement of rose petals in the soil meant something. In that simpler time it was not considered hippie, flaky or frivolous to notice the patterns in a piece of wood or the behaviors of the animals. This connection to nature brought these humans into a deeper state of grace and flow, trusting in the rhythms of life and thereby trusting in their own inner knowing.

Because as humans we have elevated ourselves above our flying, furry and sea-dwelling neighbors, the dignity of these creatures has been forgotten, their special place in the scheme of life taken for granted. Just like we were each born with a unique and sacred life purpose, every bug, plant, animal and tree is also here fulfilling its sacred contract. There is a vastness of knowledge, wisdom, love and grace in Nature that is patiently waiting to open up to us. We don’t have to give up our cars or feel guilty for killing a mosquito but we do need to start noticing.

Wherever you are now, inside or outside, take a deep breath and feel your connection to Nature. Next time you walk outside whether on a busy street or a secluded meadow, feel the air on your skin, look for the glistening dew on the grass or smile toward the sky for a moment. Your senses will begin to synchronize with a vibration that is more natural and the path ahead will become more colorful. We hope the Joycast will support you on your journey.

May nature’s blessings Rain down on you,