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You Are Not Going Mad…It’s Just a Full Moon

Posted By Carolyn on Sep 08, 2014

Full moon energy is afoot this week.  It is turning up the volume on everything in my life. My kids have started school with new teachers and new routines.  I am packing for the biggest trip of my life -saying I’m nervous would be the under statement of the decade. I find it hard to narrow my focus at work. Every single thing seems important.

Creation energy is so available at the full moon, and I want to be able to harness it.  But I find the FULL part of this moon distracting right now.

Some people would think it sounds strange that a hand position could alter my day.  When I first learned about mudras, I was skeptical too.  Mudras are yoga for the hands, a gesture, seal or a lock. They engage certain areas of the brain and are pure brain training.  On a physical level each finger has a specific function and power within the body.  Due to the enormous amount of nerve endings found in the fingers and palms, touching certain points together triggers specific signals in the body.

When I’m in the grips of chaotic or full energy that has me spinning, the Shakti or ‘Inner Home Mudra’ brings me back to myself instantly.  

This mudra honors Shakti, the goddess of life energy, vitality and primal force.  It provides comfort during difficult times, and a sense of security.  I also use this mudra when I can’t sleep at night.  Its calming and comforting effect can be used for sleep difficulties, and also for pelvic tension.  I like to ask Spirit for what I need while holding this mudra, and remind myself to be open to receiving it.  Not asking to receive in the way I want it to happen, but being open to receiving the way Spirit has planned for me. It's always better to let go of control, especially at the full moon.

Here’s how it works: Draw your ring finger and little finger of the left and right hands together, the middle and index fingers of each hand are loosely bent over the thumbs, which are tucked under the middle and index fingers. Check out the photo to see how it looks. Remember never to hold a mudra stiffly or with any force – use a light touch instead.  Breath deeply and slowly. If you want to add an affirmation, try “Peace and harmony fill my entire being.  I am at home in myself”

Notice your energy before and after, and let me know if this worked for you!  I’m always interested in connecting with fellow mudra-junkies. They help make my full-moon life manageable.

Full Moon Blessings,
Carolyn Jyoti



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4 Comment(s)

Maggie Brennan on September 09, 2014
Thank you for this mudra - I was feeling like I was going mad - tense, almost panicky /chaotic / pressure in my head & chest. I stopped read this (perfect timing, BTW ;) )Did the mudra , it calmed me- gave me a sense of stillness and peace. Thanks I really needed that ;) I will carry it with me through-out my day ... Maggie...
Geordie on September 10, 2014
Thanks, Carolyn Geordie
Carolyn Burke on September 11, 2014
Maggie, it warms my heart to think of you carrying this mudra with you all day. Thanks so much for sharing your experience. Carolyn
Carolyn Burke on September 11, 2014
Geordie you are so welcome! Carolyn

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