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We’re Never Really Alone: Ganesh and Shiva are Here to Help

Posted By K-Bhava on Dec 19, 2018

While the holidays can be exciting and fun, for many people they can bring up feelings of being alone, bewildered, and lost.

My father died in December and although I have new rituals in my life, 24 years later I still feel haunted by the season and the associated loss.

I miss my father’s gentle spirit in my family. Missing him can make me feel sad and alone, especially at Christmas. But my recent conversation with K-Bhava Kristi Corlett helped a lot.

I asked for stories about the Hindu deities Shiva and Ganesh, but I got a lot more.

Whether you’re participating in the 40-day Japa Mala Meditation Challenge or not, K-Bhava illuminates the supportive qualities of two of the most famous Hindu deities.

Did you know Shiva is a wild man, and Ganesh is super chillaxed?

If you need more fearlessness in your life or are having trouble getting out of your own way, you won’t want to miss this conversation. K-Bhava also reminds us we’re never alone.

After you watch the video, we’d love to hear your favourite deity. Are you a Krishna gal, or a Ganesh groupie? You share yours and I’ll share mine!

Always in this together,

Kristi K-Bhava Corlett directs DevaTree’s 100-hr program Whispered Wisdom: Walking Between the Worlds of Yoga & Shamanism.

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