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The No-BS Approach to Self-Love

Posted By Tamika on Feb 14, 2018

Happy Valentine’s, Lover,

Are you a little weary of being told to “love yourself?”

Maybe you’ve spa’d, read the books, meditated, journaled, and down-dogged by candlelight so many times—but still don’t love yourself as much as you’d like?

If this sounds familiar, you’re not alone.

Self-love is deeper than bubble baths and sun salutations (although we really love those too!)

Big-S Self-Love requires patience, commitment, and a ton of un-learning.

It also involves the three brave steps we talk about in this video.

So make yourself a cup of tea and come hang with your DevaTree Galentines.

Your words inspire us! How do you plan to create more deep self-love in your world? We'd love to hear your thoughts, in the comments below.

Let’s light this up,
Tamika, Carolyn & Brenda

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6 Comment(s)

Shakti on February 14, 2018
What a perfect way to start my day! Amazing reminders and so nice to know not alone when facing fears and learning to love myself! Happy Valentine's Day to me. Love all of you.
Carolyn Jyoti on February 14, 2018
Shakti - it's amazing to face our fears together! Happy day of Self-Love to you. We love you so! xo
Rebecca on February 14, 2018
Thank you for sharing :) Very informative on the deeper meaning of self love, and how to face those difficult yet important decisions in order to be true to your self. I'm sure many people face that internal struggle of causing pain/disappointment to loved ones in order to take the path of their own dreams. Like Shakti commented above, nice to know we are not alone :)
Tamika on February 14, 2018
Rebecca. Wishing you so much strength and love and joy while you walk the path of your truest dreams! xOM Tamika
Varana on February 14, 2018
WOW ! Happy LOVE day to you three beautiful souls in my life ! You certainly are a gift to me, and today's messages from each of you land so perfectly. Saying NO, and setting a few more boundaries that enable me to take time for self so that I"m not feeling overwhelmed with life feel incredible. The phrase "being judgmental" was in my life for quite some time until the last few years when I started to learn about discernment. So beautiful to know as it helps me to have people and friends in my life that fill me up instead of depleting my energy - whew !! I continue to dig deep , sometimes with a bulldozer and a torch light to face that which haunts me . I am so grateful to know I am not alone in any of this and that WE walk this beautiful life path together. I'm flying again this year ! , and loving me the best I can. You inspire me and my journey . Love you and see you at SEB - So Excited xoxo
Brenda on February 15, 2018
Varana - such beautiful and insightful observations about yourself and your journey. You walk so gracefully owning both the light and the dark. Happy Love Day to you

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