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Posted By Bija on Apr 20, 2018

Spring is Muckier Than You Think—6 Ways Ayurveda Can Help

The transition into spring can feel fresh, new, and alive with possibility.

But Ayurvedic wisdom reminds us there are also damp, mucky, heavy, and solid qualities moving through. 

Picture mud puddles and dark rainy days.

From an Ayurvedic perspective, like increases like, so if we eat heavy foods, sleep a lot, and lie in savasana for an entire morning, we will feel more lethargic and less vibrant.

Enter spiciness.

Ayurveda teaches us that bringing spicy elements into your day can help alleviate the cool, damp, heaviness that early spring brings. We often associate spice literally, with spices in cooking, but we can infuse spiciness into our beings in so many other ways.

1. Take your yoga practice up a notch. If you typically love rolling around on your mat in the morning, see how it feels to start your practice from standing. Play with asanas like powerful warrior sequences and strong goddesses to get the large muscles in your legs working for you. When these muscle groups get grooving it brings up your body temperature quickly, and energy starts to flow. Keep moving through your morning practice and resist the urge to lie down. This will start your spring days with more energy, and bust out the cobwebs in your brain. It will also help release the mucous that can accumulate in the chest area when the seasons are transitioning. 

2. Bring spices into your bathing ritual—so fun! Using a body scrub to exfoliate and invigorate is a wonderful way to pay attention to your largest organ of detoxification (your skin), and start your day with a zing. You can find many scrubs on the market, or make your own using organic cane sugar, coconut oil, ground coffee, ginger essential oil and/or fresh ginger, plus a nice dose of cinnamon. Let those warming spices sink into your skin and infuse you with glowing energy.

3. Add some spiced-up aromatherapy into your routine. This will keep the warmth in your bones and bust the damp coolness of spring weather. You can use some black pepper and cinnamon in your diffuser, or add some warming oils to your body lotion or to the bottoms of your feet in the morning. Essential oils lift our spirits and bring vitality to our movement throughout the day.

4. Add pungent, warming, spices to your foods and beverages. This is one of the simplest ways to bring more heat to your day. I always start my morning with warm lemon water and this time of year I add a hunk of fresh ginger. Experiment with adding ginger to your fresh juices, and choose herbal teas like chai with an extra kick of cinnamon and orange. Taking your favourite recipes and tossing in some crushed chillies and black pepper will instantly get your digestive fires going and bring a flush to your face.

5. Try “Vishnu’s Tonic.” One of my favourite Ayurvedic practices, called Vishnu’s tonic, is a wonderful way to boost your immune system and up your daily spice intake. In a small stainless steel, porcelain, or glass container, take a small amount of organic honey (about a teaspoon), and add 7 crushed peppercorns. Ayurvedic wisdom advises using your index finger to blend the concoction together, in a clockwise motion, while repeating the mantra “Vishnu” 108 times. If your mornings are anything like mine, this feels like a long process to fit into all my morning non-negotiables. You can simply blend it with your finger, place a bit on your tongue, and let it melt into your mouth and down your throat. If the pepper is too much for your palette, experiment with 2 or 3 peppercorns. This is a powerful congestion buster and immune booster—yum!

6. Give your spice rack a little extra love. We tend to take our spice jars for granted, but the history of spices is fascinating. Spices were once used in commerce for trade, and nutmeg was actually worth more than gold. Peppercorns were demanded as ransom, and in 16th century London, dockworkers received their bonuses in cloves. These hot commodities (pun intended) have been revered for centuries, and they grace us with their magical powers, right in our own kitchens. Spices are ancient wisdom in a jar.

The simple practice of adding a little extra spice to your routine can light a spark of vitality.

You can take charge of your energy this spring and clear the fog and heaviness.

Now it’s your turn, my friends. If you were a spice girl (or spice boy), what spice would you be? Let me know, in the comments below. My name would be Nutmeg Spice!

Warm Hugs,


Bija Repta is the Director of DevaTree’s 100-hr advanced training, Down Dogs & Doshas: An Ayurvedic Approach to Yoga.

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22 Comment(s)

Carolyn Jyoti on April 20, 2018
Hi Nutmeg Spice, I love this article and I'm going to definitely bring in some more spices this spring - bathing ritual for sure. I'm Cinnamon Spice!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Hi Cinnamon Spice!! I love that you gravitated towards bathing rituals--choose what works for you!! I love ground cinnamon in a scrub--staying away from cinnamon essential oil in a bath though--a little too spicy for some of our fragile parts, if you know what I mean:) If you drink coffee or Chaga, I love adding ground true cinnamon to the grounds and letting the water drop through --so yummy!! Xo Bija
Kristi Bhava Corlett on April 20, 2018
Ohhhhhh, bayyyybeee! Great ideas to blast the transitional blahhhhs! I am Cumin Spice! Ground me, darlin'!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Yum!! Love cumin!! If you are feeling you need more grounding, try adding some warming cinnamon to your routine:) Xo Bija
Tamika on April 20, 2018
Thanks for the delicious tips, Bija. I’ll take All-Spice!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Ooooh good one!! Lots of flavour!! I love all the various spices people feel drawn too--so interesting!! Xo Bija
Sandra Achilleos on April 20, 2018
Great ideas. I am allspice too. A little of everything!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Yes!! We are all everything!! Thanks so much for sharing:) Xo Bija
Lotus Mandara on April 20, 2018
Bringing a spice spike to the day -thanks for the suggestions. Right now I'm for cardamom. Cardamom pods have got to be the cutest and those little seeds nestled inside, so full of zest!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Mmmmm, cardamom makes me happy too:). Those sweet little pods remind me of you--sweet and delicious!! Xo Bija
Erin Freeman on April 20, 2018
Love this article, wonderful tips! I will be using these ideas alot in the next couple of months! Cinnamon/Cassia for me for sure, but I love them all!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Perfect!! I love the idea of infusing a few new ideas into my season and letting my body follow the rhythms of nature--I hope you love your new spiciness!! Xo Bija
tony Saddy on April 20, 2018
Hi Nutmeg and Cinnamon, I feel the spices giving me a big hug for the spring.. I'm Jamaican all spice!
Bija on April 20, 2018
Hello Jamaican allspice!! My favourite nutmeg EVER is also straight from Jamaica!! Mmmmm, warm Spicy hugs--love it!!
Helen Valk on April 20, 2018
Hello all you spicy beauties, I am relatively new to the spice group.I love the cloves, allspice nutmeg group. I have recently, thank you Santosha, been enjoying grated ginger, with raw honey and squeezed lemon. So maybe I'm chai spice. No matter I am positive DD and D is gonna spice up my life in a welcome way. Asha
Bija on April 21, 2018
Yay Helen!! Chai spice is glorious!! I love that you are being a spice explorer!! Way to go!! Xo Bija
Mindy on April 22, 2018
What a deliciously, warm article. Thank you for the ideas to bring in the warmth and banish the heavy, foggy feelings! (I have totally been feeling this transition) My Spice girl name would be Ginger Sage
Bija on April 24, 2018
I love your Spice Girl name!! Enjoy trying what calls to you and see how it makes a difference in your Spring spirit!! Xo Bija
Christine on April 26, 2018
I'm Cina-Cay Ginger which feels appropriate to chant or shout from warrior or goddess pose! Love the scrub idea and a reminder of moving through the damp and muck! Thanks for sharing spring spice!!
Bija on April 26, 2018
A triple spice name--awesome!! Sounds like you are already embracing the warming spices:). Chant that Spicy name loud and proud!! Xo Bija
Wendy on May 03, 2018
Nutmeg Spice!! I Love it! This article is amazing and loaded with so many great ideas. Lemon water has been added to my regime (sometimes warm) lol. I love cassia essential oil and a few other spice ones.. Yep! I do. I'm slowly adding real spices into my day as well as different tea to help with transitioning seasons... And overall grounding of self. Love you xo ????
Brenda on May 28, 2018
Love this article & the suggestions! Thank you I’m a Spice Spice Baby- okay is Curry a Spice ? Curry Spice out!

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