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Six Risks of Not Taking Risks

Posted By Tamika on Oct 14, 2015

Do you Sit Back and Wait for Life to Come Calling?

“You know you’re meant to come to Egypt. You’ve been there before–in another lifetime. You were a Priestess in the Temple of the Moon, and you will remember Karnak when you get there.”

Coming from someone else, this might have made me skeptical, even annoyed. But my friend and mentor Stewart Pearce is a gifted medium, renowned sound healer, and doesn’t waste words on fluff. Voice coach to Princess Diana, Margaret Thatcher, and countless other international celebrities–Stewart has a longstanding reputation for helping all sorts of people overcome fear and move forward courageously.

He was recommending I travel to the Middle East.

It didn’t make practical sense but before he even got the words out, I knew there was something important for me in Egypt.

“We leave in a week–do come!”

Enter skepticism. With a big teaching event in a few days, I couldn’t possibly rearrange my life on such short notice. I thanked him graciously and filed the idea under “someday.” I had stuff to do.

But Egypt wouldn’t let go. I couldn’t stop thinking and dreaming about it. I emailed Stewart to see if there was still a spot for me, partly hoping he would say no, so that I could get back to my safe little schedule. Of course he said yes.

Have you ever tempted fate in this way? “Universe, just throw up a roadblock or two and I’ll get over this idea already!”

I turned to my teaching partner–surely she would talk me down. Instead she started researching flights.

Soul risks come in many different packages. The risk might be making that important call, signing up for the course, public speaking, asking someone out on a date, moving, speaking our truth, hiring help, or leaving a significant relationship. Each of us has specific risks imprinted on our soul’s expansion blueprint.

Soul risks are different from impulsive indulgence.

These deep callings don’t arise from a hungry ego, so they don’t promise glitter, fame, fortune, or quick-fix healing. In fact on the surface they often promise far less than the traditional “sure thing” we tell ourselves we should do. The more we let go of our attachment to outcome and just trust these heartfelt callings, the more they work their magic. Their only guarantee is that we will be utterly altered.

Healthy risks are confusing because they tend to defy logic.

Too much grappling with our callings at the mental level can drive us crazy. Yet we’re actually meant to feel a dash of insanity–it helps us jump off the cliff.

Haunting us in the most loving way, they rumble our steadiness. They call us out when we’re playing small.

The paradox is this. Resistance passes and miracles flow.

Egypt happened. After countless awe-inspiring moments of guided sound healing in Egyptian temples, tombs, and the great pyramid, as well as profound connection to my fellow travelers, I came home reorganized. Before the trip, my life was moving at the speed of molasses. Afterwards, my creativity had been reactivated. I was given the miracle of momentum.

The miracles described by my fellow retreaters tell a similar story. If they hadn’t gone, they risked losing health, confidence, self-love, recovery from grief, and true friendship. Their words tell it best:

“I experienced a massive clearing of a burden that I had been carrying for years at the Temple of Thoth at Habu. Prior to Egypt I had been experiencing pain in my shoulders, but all that is gone now. I feel so much lighter.”  –Jacquie, Staffordshire, UK

“The Egypt retreat has been a rebirth on all levels. My eyes have been reopened. I now realize what I have yearned for over the past few years that made me feel lost. Love. On retreat I fell in love with an amazing person, a beautiful soul who burns with an undying love, who laughs and has fun, sees beauty in all things, within and without. That person is me.” –Patrick, London, UK

“I began the retreat asking for faith to replace self-doubt. Through my intention, I began releasing self-judgment, which has cluttered my life. As a result, my friendships with other women have shifted. I’ve let go of those who aren’t able to support my return to self-love.” –Majella, Phoenix, AZ

“I had a huge healing in my throat area, which has allowed me to express myself. Before Egypt I was emotionally and physically blocked. I couldn’t voice how I felt or what I wanted or needed. I now have the courage to speak up for myself.” –Angelica, London, UK

“Egypt helped me realize and understand how I was suppressing my grief over the violent death of my son. A boulder on my heart has been removed. I will now sing again!” –David, Phoenix, AZ

Think of a healthy risk you’ve taken in the past, or are considering now. What are the naysayers in your head–or your life–saying? “Will I be safe?” “Can I afford it?” “What if no one likes me?” “What if I make a terrible mistake?” “Will others approve?” “Can I trust myself?” “What is the point?” “Is this selfish?” or perhaps the humdrum worst, “Life is fine the way it is.”

Are the doubts worth listening to?

Close your eyes and breathe deeply as you imagine two distinct paths ahead. One involves taking the risk, and the other staying put. How does your body, mind, and heart feel when imagining moving forward on each path? Notice all the sensations that come up. Trust them.

Silence the naysayers. You are the only person who can make this decision.

These risky soul-callings can be the initiation into a life fully lived.

Are you on the verge of taking a leap of faith, or have you already leapt? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

All my love,

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14 Comment(s)

Helen Valks on October 14, 2015
Beautiful Tamika! I feel I have been leaping as well.Not to Eygyt,but to doing things I never thought I Could do, like teaching yoga. And now I am teaching in a rented space, advertising classes, and moving forward in my own yoga practice, and then seeing people come in to these classes. I am amazed and so grateful for it all. And it is all because I called Lindsay and she said, Yes, come!. My life is so different than it was before. Now I look forward to the next time my heart says Go! and my mind will most likely agree! Helen
Tamika on October 14, 2015
Helen, you never cease to inspire me. Your community is SO LUCKY to have you! xOm
Misty on October 14, 2015
As always beautifully written. I have been fortunate to be taking many leaps of faith over the last few years and have experienced so many shifts in relationships with others and myself. Learning to trust in myself and walk through the fires of doubt has shown me the courage I have within. All along the way I have found souls who love and support my path and I feel secure in each step no matter the outcome. Much love and thank you Tamika for all that you share.
Tamika on October 14, 2015
Watching you leap has been one of the highlights of my year Misty. Pura Vida, Namaste, and Om Shanti to leaping greatly!
Kaitlin on October 14, 2015
I love this Tamika! Thank you
Tamika on October 14, 2015
xoxo you are a leaper too Kaitlin-Goddess!
Carolyn Jyoti on October 14, 2015
This is such a lovely tribute to your Egyptian family, to Stewart and to taking risks! Thank you.
Tamika on October 14, 2015
Having you and DevaTree in my circle of support makes all the difference Jyoti-ma. Thank you for this crazy friendship ride!
Ginette on October 14, 2015
Such a profound article Tamika! You would be a wonderful guide back to Egypt... Any retreats there in the near future by any chance?
Tamika on October 14, 2015
Thank you Ginette! I’m not leading retreats in Egypt but Stewart Pearce is! You can check them out at: Tons of love to you! xOm
cathy morgan on October 14, 2015
Great article Tamika- love how these messages appear just when you need them- risks always scare me- but everytime i have risked- it has always benefitted me growth- always- thanks for the reminder
Tamika on October 14, 2015
Thanks for your honesty Cathy. Risks scare me too. Always. But as you say?it’s so worth it! Happy leaping to you! xOm
Bremda on October 14, 2015
thank you for sharing Tamika - it’s inspiring to hear others 'leaps'... I have been a huge 'leap of faith' person - always jumping - not always easy or graceful... but definitely worth it.... The path has gifted me in so many ways I could never have imagined - playing it safe doesn't code well in my DNA! Thanks for shedding more light ... I am so grateful!
Tamika on October 14, 2015
Watching you leap gives me courage Brenda. Community support makes all the difference--it helps so much to know we aren't alone! Love you sister-Goddess xx

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