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Raven and Crow Medicine

Posted By Tamika on Apr 24, 2022

If crows or ravens have crossed your path, you won’t want to miss this conversation with Shamanic Practitioner K-Bhava.

We explore:

  • How our power animals protect and advise us
  • How we lose touch with our power animal by disrespecting them
  • Indigenous and Celtic Shamanism
  • How to tell ravens and crows apart
  • Messages of intelligence, privacy, collective memory, gatherings, and freedom
  • How ravens and crows are allies for going deep
  • How they push us to release what we no longer need

I was surprised by the direction our chat took—perfect for the purifying energy of spring.

After you watch the video, in the comments below, we’d love to hear about the ravens and crows in your life!

Big love,


Click here to download Raven, Wolf, and Bear by Kristi Bhava Corlett. Use a headset for the best listening experience.

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5 Comment(s)

Julie on April 24, 2022
Ravens are one of my most significant totem animals!
Tamika on April 24, 2022
Julie, such a powerful totem! Big hugs and love to you! xo
K-Bhav on April 24, 2022
Julie - You are blessed! Ravens are deep and compassionate helping spirits, indeed!
Susan on April 25, 2022
I watched this on the YouTube channel because watching it here was taking too much energy on my old MacBook that needs to be retired. Thank you for presenting these viewpoints on these birds. The crow has both fascinated and terrified me - the raven has been much gentler, albeit demanding when it does want my attention. The crow has been a very strong harbinger of death shrieking at me and causing terror as a beloved aunt (a beautiful Algonquin woman), my father (during Covid at the age of 90), and most recently in the 10 days leading up to my son's death this past November of 2021 (also during Covid and facing his second dance with a deadly and unrelenting cancer). Those 10 days of constant squawking and screeching in large numbers followed me whether in town or in the village of the hospice or while trying to take a contemplative, meditative walk in the forest. It was so foreboding it felt quite traumatic, jarring and unsettling to my nervous system and core. I tried to make peace with it, but couldn't, until today ... viewing the roles each plays - a sort of yin and yang to each other. They have followed me when I'm on Manitoulin Island or in Bruce County. I have a better appreciation today for their raucous and, at times, unwelcome nuisance. I feel I can now breathe, listen to them, thank them for their appearance, and also bless them on their way.
Neil on April 25, 2022
I observe both birds a lot up here near the Bruce Peninsula, their similarities and differences of demeanour and behaviour, and that distinction of Raven being like the introvert, Crow like the extravert captures it so succinctly--love it!

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