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Pandemic Brain, Toxic Adrenaline, and the Pingdemic Effect

Posted By Tamika on Feb 18, 2021

Dear Friends,

Today we share our experiences with “pandemic brain,” toxic adrenaline, and how we can get thrown off by the “ping-demic effect." 

Learn how lowering expectatons in all areas is key right now—even in physical appearance (but don't give up on hygiene because it increases mental health!)

Have you experienced signs of pandemic brain? We’d love to hear from you, wise soul, in the comments below.

Go Easy, 
Tamika and Carolyn

Tamika Schilbe and Carolyn Burke direct DevaTree's 100 hour Yoga for Anxiety training with Misty Shakti Lucas which begins ONLINE March 26, 2021.

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7 Comment(s)

Kaitlin on February 19, 2021
Really loved this!????????????
Carolyn on February 19, 2021
We really love you.
Karin Moir on February 19, 2021
I love you two!!!❤???? This made my shoulders relax and gave me hope for things to come. Thank you
Tamika on February 19, 2021
Karin, we're so glad this was helpful! Sending the biggest hugs! XO
Colleen on February 19, 2021
Thank you for your supportive and inspiring message, Tamika & Carolyn. It's helps to know that I'm not alone in my experience of brain fog and insomnia. Even after doing all the "right" things, it's still a struggle. Love to you both. p.s. Tamika, how sweet to see your pup sleeping in the background. :)
Bija on February 19, 2021
So wonderful to see your beautiful faces and smiles! Thank-you for the reminders to be gentle with ourselves ???????? I am practicing more ease, more gratitude, more gentleness as I flow with these uncertain times. Love your hopefulness for a new, brighter tomorrow. I hang on to that hope every day...
Varana on February 19, 2021
Tamika and Carolyn! You two were the first beautiful faces and voices I spent time with this morning ❤️, before the sun got up. Thank you for sharing your heart, experiences and wisdom with us as well as hope for the days ahead. There have been many dark days here for this last go around of isolation despite all my efforts of digging into my various tool boxes. Always good to know we are not alone and brightness is coming. Love to you both xo ????????????????

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