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Love—Riding on the Back of Chaos

Posted By K-Bhava on Jul 24, 2017

For a moment I’m going to invite you to consider what I call The Crazy.

It’s also been called the rollercoaster, our upside-down world, and the cosmic $#*%storm. But maybe it’s just ordinary reality.

The crazy can bump up against all of us. For some of us it gets so nasty, we could charge it with assault.

Lately I’ve heard stories of intense family trauma, financial stress, legal battles coming out of nowhere, health issues, betrayals, friendships ending, marriages and careers going to pieces—and yet none of this is new. The dance of chaos goes on full force around us all.

When the crazy hits, I go looking for perspective—but not where you’d think. 

As a shamanic practitioner, I turn to the great fierce mother herself, Kali Ma. While I was not born Hindu, I honour Kali deeply. She has shaped and sheltered me in my life journey. She is the archetype of the Universal Mother that I often turn to for support.

Kali represents the forces of change and transformation—she knows chaos. Kali stands on the back of chaos, laughing. She’s a fearless warrior—swift, messy, and rarely gentle. Her wisdom cuts like a knife. Her love is not squishy or soft—it’s straight-up, unwavering compassion. She’s that super-tough, street-savvy Mama who is ever ready to kick ass.

Accessing Kali’s kick-ass wisdom requires a little step away from the crazy.

To call on her wisdom, we enter what shamanic practitioners call Non-Ordinary Reality.

I close my eyes and start with my imagination and the monotonous rhythm of a drum. The drumbeat allows me to enter a relaxed state, something like meditation, but with a very active goal in mind.

I go on a journey to meet Kali Ma and ask for some insight about how to live in this upside-down world.

When I arrive in non-ordinary reality, I find Kali deep in a cave, brooding over a burning fire.

Me:                      I am yours, Mother.

Kali:                     Are you truly mine?

Me:                      Yes, Mother.

Kali:                     If you are truly mine, you must know that Love that does not begin with you. It neither begins nor ends with you. This is the way of the Love that runs through all things, without beginning and without end.

Only this Love can affect the outcome.

Stay with this Love and do not become attached to things which are not yours.

Make not actions that entangle you with this or that event.

Some things are not for you, and the karma must be worked out. If not now, at some point.

Know only this Love.

It is I who have always nurtured you, even if at times I have not seemed nurturing.

Know this Love. Hold it in your spine, as a channel holds a river. And know this Love is not limited to you—its power is that it encompasses all things.

Hold this Love, as a channel.

And so she is done speaking.

I travel back to ordinary reality in my mind, following the heartbeat of the drum I’m playing.

In shamanic journeywork, messages can be veiled in metaphor. With time and practice we achieve greater clarity. In this case, however, I don’t think Mama could have been more explicit.

We must hold space for Love—Love as the essential vibration, Love as primordial creative energy, Love as the ultimate power.

Not always easy. There’s no quick fix. Sometimes it doesn’t seem light and love are prevailing, or even holding their own against darkness.

But where terrible trauma and drama are dancing, Kali prods us to remember we are one with the flow of all things. She reminds us to practice this daily, so that we can continue to remember.

We are made of Love, and we bear witness to Love’s manifestations. We do not control outcomes, but in making ourselves channels for Love’s primordial energy, we discover we are never truly alone. We have access to untold power.

That power stands on the back of chaos, laughing.

Are you experiencing trauma or drama in your life right now? If so, you are not alone! In the comments below, I’d love to hear how you’re bringing Love into the darkness.

Wishing you a joyous dance on this Earth,

K-Bhava, Kristi Corlett

K-Bhava directs DevaTree’s 100-hr Yoga & Shamanism Certificate course in London, Ontario.

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8 Comment(s)

Carolyn Jyoti on July 26, 2017
KBhava! This is a beautiful reminder to me. Knowing there are no quick fixes and that we must work to be in the LOVE all the time. I am holding the LOVE for myself and for everyone! THANK you xox
K-Bhav on July 26, 2017
Ahhh, Jyoti-Ma! I really do believe the practice is about remembering! I find as I walk my path, that's my biggest challenge! Thanks so much for joining me in remembering and holding the LOVE! What's that Stars line? Hold on when you get love, and let go when you give it!
Lotus Mandara on July 27, 2017
When the *%$!storm hits my automatic response is to brace myself and hit back. And yet it is more harmful than helpful. The better response for me is to fully love myself with what I'm experiencing. The rememberance is that I was born from love and borne of love. On the other side there is only and all love!
Kristi Bhava Corlett on July 28, 2017
Oh la la, Lotus! Just as trees bend and wave in the wind... can we make enough room inside ourselves for all that must come to pass through? Thank you for your loving reflections!
Varana on July 29, 2017
KBhava -- this is so beautiful ! "We are made of Love" - This sits deep within me. And while the crazy @#$% storm may be happening around and within me, I can pause and reflect that I am love and have love all around. The message that you receive from Kali is profound - and I am excited more that ever to spend time with you and a new Kula journeying in Non Ordinary reality. It is here that I continue to find much guidance . What a beautiful world - all of it .. Hugs and love x0x0
K-Bhav on July 30, 2017
Thanks for your insights, Varana - the Great Mama runs deep, she does! Can't wait to dance with your wisdom and hers in this year's Whispered Wisdom kula!!! Jai Ma!
Brenda on August 28, 2017
Thank you KBhava for this incredible insight & reminder of what is really important especially when my life gets flipping crazy & dramatic. I'm dancing and it's a wild ride.
Kristi Bhava Corlett on August 28, 2017
Thanks for your response, Brenda! It reminds ME to remember that the Great Feminine Power is dancing in the whirlwind, too. It's so interesting that part of the Goddess dance is Maya, illusion, and that veil can be very seductive, too... I find that my process is a constant _remembering_ to move it aside so I can see more clearly!

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