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Is This Guy For Real? Tamika, Carolyn & Brenda on the Medical Medium Cleanse

Posted By Tamika on Nov 01, 2017

If you’ve been unfocused, had a lack of energy, joint pain, hormonal issues, or been struggling with ANY physical or mental illness, this is a conversation you don’t want to miss.

Our health problems are real—we didn't make them up in our heads, or create them with bad thoughts.

There is hope. There is more hope than you realize. It doesn't matter how long you've been suffering. Healing is possible.

There are answers out there that have not yet been discovered by medical science. 

After you watch the video, check out these additional resources: 

If you’d like us to do more of these video blogs, let us know in the comments below!

To your health,

Tamika, Carolyn and Brenda

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10 Comment(s)

Stephanie Mills on November 01, 2017
Loved seeing and hearing you all! Thanks for sharing this interesting information. What's the deal with oranges, and apples? <3
Tamika on November 01, 2017
Anthony says apples are one of the first foods to have comforted us, so they bring a sense of sanctuary. If we ever feel powerless, useless, alienated, or depressed, they can change the path ahead. They open up a part of us which lightens our spirit and makes us more vibrant and energetic. Their dharma is to help us when a friend, lover, or colleague has been cold to us. They help us not get burned from the insensitivity of others, and provide a protective shield. Thanks for playing, Stephanie! Sending so much love your way! xx
Tamika on November 01, 2017
Hi Stephanie! Oranges and tangerines are here to help us feel HAPPY! According to MM, they "cut through the gloom and shine a light on your life." Perfect for anyone sun-deprived, lonely or feeling an empty void. The spiritual lesson from oranges is to take a second look at anything we've pushed aside and reevaluate if it's worthy of a second glance.
Laura Johnson on November 01, 2017
Oh my goodness I loved loved loved this video, ladies! Pretty much smiled the entire time (so thank you for the hour long smile!). ALL of this information is so fascinating to me, I’m so right there with you and am planning on buying the book! Fruits and veggies have a Dharma? What? I love that. It kind of sounds crazy but also makes so much sense! Anyway, thank you for sharing. So much love to all of you. Keep shining and loving and sharing the world needs more of you oxo. What’s yo with cucumbers? I eat them every single day! Any insights there? Ps - I think I’ll be grieving what he says about Kombucha and Nutritional Yeast for.... a time
Tamika on November 02, 2017
Big virtual hug to you, Laura! xOM
Carolyn Jyoti on November 02, 2017
Laura, Love picturing your smiling face watching the video and I'm so glad that this information has landed for you. It is so fascinating and exciting. It is sad for sure but I'm super interested to see what you think once you read the information on Kombucha and Nutritional yeast. There is so much information to integrate so it is so good to take your time with it all. Now about cucumbers. Anthony says that there is a reason we use the expression "as cool as a cucumber" as cucumbers help if you are dealing with anger issues and is excellent to offer to anyone who is cranky, easily infuriated or even hostile. Spiritually, Medical Medium says that because cucumbers are green and we eat them in salads that we think of them as a vegetable but all the seeds in a cucumber mean they are actually a fruit. Outside appearances don't make up the truth of who we are. Cucumbers remind us to look deep within ourselves and each other for the gifts, talents and miracles we all contain. xo
Jill on November 03, 2017
Well anytime I see any of your three beautiful faces of course I’m going to watch !!! I started viewing last night before my classes and thought I had left a message so if I’m repeating I apologize !?? I’am blown away after finishing watching this morning. I hear so many things that I have been experiencing. The frustration with trying to do everything you can and having no results !! My counter looks like a health store lined with supplements. Struggling with menopause and my ongoing battle with my arthritis has left me exhausted at times. I feel like my body is betraying me everyday. I’m so tired of trying so find the solution. I think this might be it !!!???? Anything that can get B to eat cilantro must be pretty impressive. Lol I have already called and put the books away at my local book store to pick up today. Thank you do much for taking the tome to share your heart and souls and experiences with us. I truly appreciate it. Much love ❤️ much peace ????
Brenda on November 03, 2017
Hey there Jill, Thanks for your wonderful comments and honesty in sharing what is going on with you. I, too, have found it very frustrating reading, listening to and trying to follow so much information about what we are dealing with individually. I've found that Anthony's responses & insights truly honour the individual and their uniqueness. It seems so practical, simple and accessible for anyone - wherever they want to begin. No judgements. I will be excited to hear how you find the information and what resonates for you. Yes, I was shocked to feel the transformation regarding cilantro - it's wild. sending you so much love & light, Brenda
Jayne on January 04, 2018
Thanks for sharing this! I am late at watching it but glad I did. I am a meat eater and my body does need it but the info on spirit and fruits and vegetables is really fascinating! Food is so healing and when we eat it we should/can feel connected to the spirit or universe (or whatever resonates with you). I have been wanting oranges and carrots all the time. Could you share what the emotions or spiritual aspects are around those? much love
Carolyn Jyoti on January 05, 2018
Hi Jayne - thanks for joining in the conversation. It is pretty incredible to connect to the way food can heal and support us. Oranges and tangerines are like liquid sunshine according to Anthony and can shine a light on your life when feeling lonely, sad, or down. They are excellent to eat when feeling sun-deprived as they fill you with warmth. Their spiritual message is to look around and see what is worthy of a second glance in your life as we often overlook the most important ingredients, like oranges, in our lives. Carrots rejuvenate the skin, hair and eyes, relax muscles, steady nerves and balance cognitive functioning according to Anthony but are not listed in the Healing Foods book. I wonder what you find they do for you emotionally and spiritually? Let us know. Shine On xo

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