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In the mood for a laugh? (video)

Posted By Carolyn on Jan 24, 2018

Does Tamika seem more wise than wisecracker to you? Not to us.

My kids call her a chadult—a sitcom of adult and child.

When my girls were younger, they loved to play “spa” with family and friends. It was a sweet deal having these tiny hands giving us massages, facials, or pedicures.

Tamika loved it too—but she gave it a makeover.

When Tamika played spa, the kids never knew who to expect at the “front desk.” She’d show up as the high maintenance supermodel, or the cowboy who wouldn’t take off his boots for a pedicure. Or the uber-sensitive grandma who screamed every time they touched her—“ack! That hurts—that hurts too! Are you trying to kill me?!” There was Crystal, the teenager who came in with road rash because she kept falling off her boyfriend’s motorbike. (Her boyfriend wasn’t treating her right so Crystal was constantly asking my kids for relationship advice)

My girls have outgrown the spa game, but the silliness hasn’t stopped.

Last year Marsha the duck came into our lives.

Marsha’s got issues—but don’t we all?

Do you think Marsha should be allowed to go back to yoga? Let’s vote, in the comments below!

Love, Jyoti

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16 Comment(s)

Shelley on January 24, 2018
Oh yes she should be allowed back. Way too cute to say no to.
Carolyn Jyoti on January 24, 2018
Hi Shelley! First vote for Martha returning to Yoga! She is too cute for sure.
Bija on January 24, 2018
I think Marsha should have her own yoga video and create her own duck pose... goat yoga is in, why not duck yoga?
Carolyn Jyoti on January 25, 2018
Bija! I'm with you - she needs her own video! xo
Brenda on January 24, 2018
Oh my goodness!! Marsha is a live wire for sure. Well, I suppose if maybe Marsha’s Mom went with her, you could give it a try. She’s pretty endearing and probably very young and maybe just needs another chance. I give it a 50/50 that disaster may strike again OR she settles down and starts really getting into the yoga flow. This is a hard (and hilarious) situation!
Carolyn Jyoti on January 24, 2018
Hi Brenda, She's a handful for sure. I love that you are willing to give her another chance. I hope she can get into the Yoga flow too! xo
Krista on January 24, 2018
Lol! Too funny! Hey, yeah, why no duck pose?!
Carolyn Jyoti on January 24, 2018
Hi Krista, I am thinking we need to create a Duck pose to welcome Marsha back in! :)
Helen Valks on January 24, 2018
I love Marsha!! and who could resist her duck charm?? I hope she comes to my class!! I can always use a little bit of silliness and fun.
Carolyn Jyoti on January 24, 2018
Hi Helen, I think she would LOVE your yoga class! Too much fun! xo
Kaitlin on January 24, 2018
Oh my gosh, LOL!!
Brenda on January 24, 2018
Yes she should be allowed back! Still laughing here! Perhaps she could do some Fire Prevention commercials called Marsha’s Law! Lol
Santosha on January 25, 2018
You make me laugh and want to be silly Marsha. Yes, come back to yoga and teach me your Duck Pose. We can create a flow together and call it ‘I wish I had duck feet’!
Louise on January 25, 2018
I love Marsha's spunky energy! She should definitely be allowed back to yoga where she can learn to channel this amazing spirit. (and create a duck pose)
mandara on January 26, 2018
I can see Marsha taking a yoga teacher training somewhere in the future. Please remember to steer clear of talking about adding to the soup mix when referring to the kula. That would be "duck soup" and a faux pas.
Stacey on January 29, 2018
I loved loved loved the story of your spa clientele. It is so much fun to be with kids and let that silliness out, especially cause those kiddos gobble it up! Thanks for sharing.

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