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How Ayurveda can Support Your Family

Posted By Bija on May 01, 2019

Last week my daughter would not get moving—she was sitting on the ground resting her head on a chair. I’m telling her what we need to do that night­­—which included getting up off the ground—but she wouldn’t budge.

Then I remembered my chat with Bija Repta about how Ayurveda can help families, and I knew exactly what to do next.

We hear about Ayurveda (doshas and constitutions) in yoga circles a lot, but it’s also helpful for families. It can help parents and families understand each other’s behavior in a whole new light.

It can also help us understand ourselves growing up, and why we may have had very different experiences than our siblings.

Bija Repta, Ayurvedic practitioner shares her insights on parenting from the sister science of yoga, Ayurveda.

Did this help you understand yourself or your family? As always, we love hearing from you in the comments below.

This vata-gal’s going to take off her shoes and walk on the earth.

With love,
Carolyn (and Bija)

Bija Repta directs the 100-hr Down Dogs and Doshas: An Integrated approach to Ayurveda & Yoga beginning May 17th in Owen Sound, Ontario. This is the last time Bija will be offering Down Dogs and Doshas!

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7 Comment(s)

Kathryn on May 01, 2019
What a great video and reminder of a wonderful resource tool I'd forgotten about! Where can I find the Dosha assessment links? Thank you! ????
Bija on May 01, 2019
The more tools the merrier!! It makes my heart happy that you found some helpful info in our video:)???????? Carolyn posted the links to the Dosha quizzes in the comments ☮️
Brenda on May 01, 2019
What a wonderful conversation between Carolyn and Bija. Thank you, Bija, for this great information! I would love to see the links that you talked about in the convo - can you point me in the right direction for those. Thank you for all your wisdom and love!
Bija on May 01, 2019
We had so much fun! Carolyn posted the links in the comments for everyone to see. Happy Dosha Diving!!????????
Carolyn Jyoti on May 01, 2019
Thank you Bija for sharing your insights and love with all of us. Here's the three Dosha quizes that Bija recommends: Lissa Coffey “What’s your Dosha Baby” quiz at Deepak Chopra at John Doullaird at
Brenda on May 02, 2019
thank you! :-)
Jayne on May 03, 2019
Thank you for this video! At first I felt overwhelmed trying to figure out what my Dosha and my kids Dosha might be and how I need to parent them but then you shared that it doesn’t need to be perfect and it’s just one aspect of this parenting journey. Thank you thank you! Excited to apply some of this. The simple examples of sinking cold water with cucumbers to cool my child down if she’s heated up - gentle and easy.

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