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From OMG to OM in 5 Minutes

Posted By Tamika on Apr 10, 2019

A five-minute breath practice (a classic with a twist) that will get you through the edgy moments so you can carry on with your beautiful, wild, and wonderful life.

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6 Comment(s)

Brenda on April 10, 2019
Thank you so much, Tamika! This is such a powerful practice and your clear instructions are so appreciated. What a wonderful way to start this day!
Tamika on April 10, 2019
I'm so glad it landed for you, Brendaji xx
Mary McGeachy on April 10, 2019
Synchronicity abounds! I had already planned to offer this to my class today. I love the image of pulling the breathe into the opposite side of the brain and draining it out again. Thank you!
Tamika on April 10, 2019
I love it when that happens, Mary! xOM
Amanda Eriksen on April 26, 2019
Thanks Tamika, I use this breath practice personally and I and teach it quite a bit. Picturing the spherical swirl of energy in my brain really helped me to keep the "switch" in the right place. I always found the cue of switching on the inhale confusing as in my mind the inhale is over and I am switching for the exhale.... I could really feel the energy in my head and it really helped me. So thank you for this. I love that something that was once feeling bit old is now fresh and new again!!! You're the best!
Tamika on April 26, 2019
So glad this landed for you, Amanda. Yes, the cue to "inhale, switch" can be confusing and doesn't work for everyone. In it's more precise form, it could be "inhale, then switch." It's such a grounding practice and I'm glad it's one of your favs! The thought of your lucky students having the gift of being taught by you warms my heart. xOM

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