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Doesn’t Every Fire Begin with a Little Spark? Spring Wisdom From Ayurveda

Posted By Bija on Mar 31, 2016

Spring energy is arriving…aaaahhhhh!

Here in North America, we are welcoming the warmer temperatures, the birds singing, the buds popping up, and the lighter clothing. Winter has shared its gifts, and we’re ready for a fresh new beginning.

Yet from an Ayurvedic perspective, that earthy, wet feeling of Spring can actually accumulate in our bodies and minds, and send us out of balance.

I love Ayurveda’s simple philosophy around balance—like attracts like, and opposites bring equilibrium.

We are entering Kapha season, which means Nature is embodying the attributes of that Dosha—cool, wet, damp, muddy, earthy, stagnant, heavy, and slow. When we tune into our bodies, we may realize we are reflecting these spring traits with a lack of energy and motivation, a feeling of coolness, sloth-like movement, or dampness that shows up in colds and sinus congestion.

If we mimic that energy in our day-to-day living, we can increase that kapha state, and potentially send ourselves out of balance.

Without realizing it, we might be increasing an imbalance by eating cold, slow to digest foods, practicing super chill yoga, meditating lying down, or using deeply grounding aromatherapy oils. There’s nothing wrong with these choices, but Ayurveda teaches us they have their time and place.

In order to counter-balance Kapha issues, we can incorporate attributes from the other doshas. Think energy, warmth, dryness, spaciousness, and lightness of being.

We can choose light, airy, warm, spicy foods, more activity, and stimulating, uplifting essential oils, which help us balance out the effects of early Spring.

Try spicy food to warm up your digestion and your internal fire, or a more energized yoga practice. Experiment with walking meditation to keep moving, or try adding some light airy popcorn and rice crackers to the menu. Work astringent tastes like acai berries or crisp, tart apples into your diet, or include Breath of Fire in your yoga practice. See what fits for you, and give it a whirl!

Instead of mimicking the damp, slow energy of spring, try jazzing up your world and light a fire under yourself!

If you witness people in your life experiencing a lethargic, bummed-out heaviness, you can help. Give them a delicious warm hug and ask what’s spicy and stimulating in their world right now. You may just light a spark–and doesn’t every fire begin with a little spark?

Take the time to check in and pay attention to how you feel when you incorporate these changes—are your soul-fires burning a little brighter?

If balancing everything seems complicated, try breaking it down into small steps. Choose one area of your life that feels good to make a shift, and start with that.

My daughter and I are loving this mantra lately–“take manageable bites.” This simple idea has helped us through feelings of over-whelmedness! When we stop looking at the huge pile of things to do, decisions to make, or feelings to process, and just look at bite-size pieces, suddenly life feels more relaxed and things actually get accomplished.

This concept is helpful when navigating the challenges of this season. You might find yourself procrastinating right now, even tasks you look forward to. If so, it could be a reflection of the energy in the air–quite literally. I get it. I procrastinated writing this blog!

Ayurvedic wisdom brings me back to balance every time. Yet everyone is so different and we all respond to the world around us in different ways. In the comments below, I’d love to hear how the spring energy is impacting you right now–and how you find balance.

My wish for you is a vibrant, energized, inspiring Kapha season. May you have a Spring in your step and a bright smile on your face.

May your soul-fires burn bright,

Love Bija

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8 Comment(s)

Carolyn Jyoti on March 31, 2016
Bija - THANK you. I love understanding this Spring season better. After colds and sinus issues in my house we are finding balance again with warm hugs and one step at a time! <3
Bija on March 31, 2016
Love it! Warm cozy everything will banish the ooey-gooeyness!:) Bye-bye mucous, hello Sunshine!
Bija on March 31, 2016
Love it!! Warm and cozy everything will banish the ooey-gooeyness:) Bye bye mucous, hello Sunshine!!
Brenda on March 31, 2016
hey there Bija - thank you so much! I’ve been slow to move on my yoga mat & only 2 days ago began a more vital practice for me! This makes sense to me now (as I’m normally pretty energetic). Thanks for the insights into the season..... one baby step at a time ... love it!
Bija on April 01, 2016
Thanks for sharing Brenda!:) It can be soooo challenging to gather the energy to be more energetic--but when we bring in that ignited vitality it really does get the juices flowing and counter-balance the blahs:) See how it feels to look up to the sky in your asanas to bring that flow of energy up your body to invigorate prana--it’s a subtle but powerful shift...
Julie Leli?vre on April 02, 2016
Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and making me understand why Spring is the hardest season for me even though I was born in May and I love nature, I find Spring challenging and tiring. I know now that I’m not the only one either and that my feelings make sense! I’m grateful to have read your nicely writen article and have been sharing it with my insight to my students.
Bija on April 03, 2016
I’m so happy you got something out of the concepts:) We often think of Spring as fresh and exciting, but it really can affect us with it’s muckiness--you are definitely not alone and I love that you are sharing ideas with your students. Enjoy spicing up your Spring!
Wendy Brown on May 11, 2016
Bija !! I love this - what a beautiful reminder for me ! Even with all my zippy "Vataness" , it stumped me to figure out why I have another cold !! uuug . Beginning to move my body a little more often daily as well as "clearing out" the old from the home - one day and one room at a time. Adding new foods little bits at a time - and of course 'pop corn" my favorite snack ! Thanks for all they yummyness that you shared .. Mwaahh xoxo Varana
Bija on May 13, 2016
I adore your Vataness!!:) Yes, it is the time of year when the ooey--gooyness of Kapha Dosha can settle in the sinuses and chest:( Adding some ginger and spicyness to your teas and meals may help clear out the goo:) Spring love to you!!

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