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Bee’s Knees (Video)—Your sweet knees deserve love

Posted By Brenda Dowell on Jan 03, 2018

When a bee moves from flower to flower, their knees collect nectar. “The Bee’s knees" is an old phrase from the 1920’s that means sweet and good.

The health of your knees determines your ability to move in life. Knees can provide seamless transitions for walking, running, and climbing.

But for many people, the knees are a source of major pain and discomfort.

Knees are only meant to move in two primary directions—bending and straightening.

When we move in a way that is outside the natural track or pathway of the knee, it can stress the joints in unhealthy ways. The knees can get torqued and twisted, which compromises the integrity and health of your knees over time.

When we develop “off-track” walking habits, the muscles, ligaments and connective tissue that support the knee can be unforgiving.

That’s where tracking comes in.

Depending on your knee issue, this 3-minute video could make all the difference in easing discomfort and getting your body back on track - and that, my friend, is the bee’s knees! 

Do you have questions about tracking? Have you tried it? Let us know in the comments below.

Happy New Year,


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18 Comment(s)

Margo Karda on January 03, 2018
Thank you Brenda, always great lessons & tips from you. This one I will use as well as pass it on.
Brenda on January 03, 2018
Thank you Margo. I'm glad you found this useful. It's always great to hear from you. All the best in this New Year. Brenda
Carol McKay on January 03, 2018
Oh My Gosh! I am terrible to my knees. No wonder I have tight hips, sore feet and calves. I definitely walk with one out-turned leg (a product of many ankle sprains as a kid), but I never track my knees while walking or doing stairs. Especially on stairs, I walk with my knees and feet splayed out so as to be able to fit my entire foot on the step. I now have new knowledge and will be more aware. This information couldn't have come at a better time.
Brenda on January 03, 2018
Thank you for your comments Carol. As kids, many of us didn't think about the alignment of our bodies and what that meant so now as adults we get a chance to compassionately look at how we walk, run, climb and live our lives. I'm glad you found this helpful and good luck with tracking your knees.
Lisa Mosher on January 03, 2018
Love You and your 'Bees Knees' wisdom Brenda! So interesting that my right foot has a tendency to externally rotate and it's my right knee that is aggravated and talks to me...sometimes loudly. My knees are very, very thankful! Track On Sister!
Brenda on January 03, 2018
Thank you Lisa. I love that you have the body awareness and have connected the dots. Knowing your patterns can help you in healing & alleviating pain in your body. ‘Track’ your progress my friend. Love to you. Brenda
Varana on January 03, 2018
Wow Brenda!! This comes at such a great time for me.. My Knees are screaming!! Particularly my right one, and similar to Santosha, it is also the foot /leg that is slightly externally rotated. Hmmm interesting!!! I love your wisdom and knowledge of anatomy and I'm so grateful that you share with us. My body has been in better shape overall because of you. I'm gonna give "tracking" a whirl.... Love you B. Xo Varana
Brenda on January 03, 2018
Varana - thanks for your comments. You have such insight into your body & I am so glad to be a part of your healing journey. Track on & let me know how this goes for you. Sending love. Brenda
gert on January 03, 2018
thank you Brenda....focus when walking....maybe less lunges with hip opening, and less lotus sitting....the knee has improved...left and right knee are better balanced, after psoas week. see you soon.
Brenda on January 03, 2018
Gert - so glad you are listening to your body and finding relief in modifying your practices Take care. Love to you. Brenda
Kristy Stewart on January 03, 2018
This was great, succinct and informative and a good reminder of what we all need to do thanks
Brenda on January 03, 2018
Hello Kristy I’m glad you found the video informative. I always like little reminders to help keep me fresh. Take care. Sending love, Brenda
Lotus on January 03, 2018
Brenda, you are so on the pulse! Very timely for me, my mom and a good friend. Love it, value it and when the weather becomes balmy, I'll be collecting nectar. Meanwhile I'm tracking in the snow :)
Brenda on January 04, 2018
Thank you Lotus. I’m glad the video was timely for your knees and you will share with others. You are a natural tracker! Love to you. Brenda
Donna on January 04, 2018
Thank you for sharing this! Small mindful adjustments= great benefits. I will definitely be "tracking" my steps as I'm a great one for turning my knees out on stairs, and they are talking to me! And will definitely share with others❤
Brenda on January 04, 2018
Hello Donna Thanks for your comments. I love that you find smaller movement and body awareness keys to helping relieve knee pain. Track away and have fun. Sending love. Brenda
Brenda McMorrow on January 06, 2018
Brenda, thank you very much for this! It was very helpful to me, someone who has had knee issues for years! And I've sent it to my Dad and think it will be very helpful to that former football player whose knees have seen a lot of damage. Thank you!
Brenda on January 06, 2018
Hello Brenda! I’m so glad you found the video helpful & excited that you shared it with your dad. I hope he finds some relief as well with this practice. Sending love. Brenda

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