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Archives: December, 2014

Do You Talk To Angels?

Posted By Carolyn on Dec 17, 2014

Talking to Angels wasn’t something we planned to do. It just happened. Read More

Breathe Life into the Holidays

Posted By Carolyn on Dec 12, 2014

When Tamika asked our team if we had any non-traditional holiday rituals to share, at first I couldn’t think of anything. Her question gave me pause because I consider myself a fairly free-thinking person. Read More

Tradition: Love it or Leave it

Posted By Tamika on Dec 10, 2014

Jason hunted with his father and brothers from age 5 to 15, but he was the worst shot of them all. Everyone knew why he shrugged off the constant teasing all those years. Hunting season was much more than a test of skill—it was the feast afterward, the laughter, the stories, and being part of something special. It was the only solid tradition shared by the men and boys in Jason?s family. Read More