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Archives: June, 2013

ASHtrology for the Awakening

Posted By Ashley Laux on Jun 21, 2013

June is drawing to a close and the Summer Solstice is upon us. Celebrate Midsummer?s Night with an end of the month astrology update from Ashley Laux, friend of DevaTree.

Honour Your Barriers and Delight in Your Light?Fall in Love with Yourself! Read More

Photographs, Fears, & Fun

Posted By Lindsay on Jun 14, 2013

Jyoti and I were driving to the DevaTree photoshoot, on the road somewhere between Toronto and Kitchener when I turned to her and said, “Did I mention that I hate having my picture taken?” Read More

The Earth Mudra Has Been Saving My Life!

Posted By Carolyn on Jun 05, 2013

The Earth, so solid and grounding, has been calling to me lately, reminding me to stay rooted amidst a chaos of energy. My mother has been in and out of the hospital for several months, and I’ve been redefining my role in my family, as well as researching an upcoming move to a new community. To say there is major transition energy in my life is an understatement!

When I feel unsteady or need a boost in confidence, I’ve been using the Earth mudra or Pirthivi Mudra to help stabilize my energy. Read More