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Being Held: A 30-Minute Restorative Practice

by | Jun 18, 2022 | 0 comments

This practice will hold you.

Most of us know what it’s like to feel loved, or to feel supported.

But what does it mean to feel held?

We can feel held when a good friend allows us to cry our heart out, without judgement or pity. When someone opens their arms wide and draws us close, not letting go until we melt into that holding. If you’ve ever been lovingly lulled to sleep by someone reading or singing to you, you know this feeling well. Being held can also be sharing physical touch with someone who wants nothing more than pure connection.

But there isn’t always someone available to give us this holding we crave.

The good news is there are ways of being held that don’t involve other people.

One of the best ways we know is combining a soothing, ultra-gentle yoga practice with specific support for the liver.

Our liver also does a lot of holding.

Turns out that our liver is constantly looking after us and knows exactly what we need. Like a mother, it holds us like no other organ in the body. Anthony William calls the liver The Mother Inside.

Anthony William teaches that, just like us, when the liver is honoured, and acknowledged for it’s hard work and dedication, it’s grateful.

When we lovingly hold and honour our liver, it holds and protects us in kind.

We invite you to be held in this 30-minute restorative practice.

Carolyn will gently guide you in a 20-minute restorative sequence called Strengthening the Liver’s Immune System Morning Meditation, by Anthony William, followed by a 10-minute meditation.

  1. The liver sequence is best practiced between waking in the morning, and noon.
  2. Optional props: a rolled hand towel for under your neck, a bolster or rolled blanket for under your knees, and an additional blanket if you need warmth.
  3. If you can, start out lying on your stomach (if you can’t, lie on your side).
  4. When you’re on your belly, you may wish to use a folded blanket under your chest for comfort.
  5. You might wish to give yourself the gift of this practice on the Solstice (June 21st)!
  6. Or save it for a day when you need to be held.

After you’ve practiced, let me know how you feel, in the comments below.

Holding you close,



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