About Carolyn and Tamika

Tamika Schilbe, MSW, E-RYT 1000, RCYT, is an author, award-winning counselor, consultant, yoga teacher trainer, and truth-archaeologist. Her mission is to empower people to speak their truth, and create more clarity, power, and freedom in their lives.

As Co-Founder & Yoga Educator at DevaTree School of Yoga, Tamika shares her vision for collaborative yoga through DevaTree's Cross-Disciplinary™ approach to education. She co-created and co-directs the 100-hr HeartRise® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training program, the Subtle Energy Body program, and the Deep Attunement of the Instinctual Psoas retreat.

An experienced group facilitator, Tamika has been teaching The Art of Personal Renewal across the globe since 2001. Tamika is on faculty at the Toronto Yoga Show & Conference, and a contributing blogger at Huffington Post.

Originally trained at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, Tamika directed their first Canadian 200-hr YTT, and their first 500-hr level training program in Costa Rica.

Forever a student of children and nature, Tamika believes trees are creatures too and takes tree-hugging seriously. A stargazer at heart, she has yet to shake her 20-year crush on Jean Luc Picard.

Tamika’s classes, workshops, and private sessions have been described as intuitive, playful, and transformational.

She loves interacting with the community of truth-cheerleaders who gather on her Facebook page, and shares her most personal thoughts with her tamikaschilbe.com subscribers.


Carolyn Jyoti Burke, MSW, E-RYT 1000, RCYT, is an experienced yoga teacher trainer, retreat facilitator, and strengths-based therapist. As DevaTree School of Yoga’s co-founder, Carolyn artfully guides students in the CrossDisciplinary™ yoga method. She is co-creator and co-director of the 100-hr HeartRise® Children’s Yoga Teacher Training and the Subtle Energy Body program.

Carolyn is on Faculty at the Toronto Yoga Show & Conference. Carolyn began her yoga studies at the Nosara Yoga Institute in Costa Rica, was a Director in their 500-hr program for five years, and is considered Faculty Emeritus. As a consultant for government treatment programs, Carolyn has designed and led numerous wellness and therapeutic groups for children and families.

Carolyn is the creator of Mystic Moms, a circle of creative caregivers who are inspiring their families and communities by doing less and being more. Sign up for her blog Bookends to un-frazzle your parenting and get her best book suggestions on the new moon and full moon each month.

Carolyn's children share her enthusiasm for honoring the sacred in everyday life, but still protest in embarrassment when she sings and dances in public.


Carolyn and Tamika

Their Mission

Carolyn and Tamika’s friendship began in 1997 when they were completing their Masters degrees in counselling. They instantly recognized each other and tried to figure out how, but there was no earthly explanation–it still remains a mystery.

In the years to come their intertwined careers as clinicians and yoga educators led to the creation of Cross-Disciplinary Yoga™. Working closely together has its ups and downs. Compassion, laughter, unconditional support, and respecting differences are the foundation of both their friendship, and the programming at DevaTree School of Yoga.

Their synergy has attracted an esteemed team of Yoga Educators who help deliver both the 200-hr and Advanced Level yoga curriculum. With a combined 50+ years of clinical experience and 30+ years immersed in yoga, Tamika & Carolyn are committed to helping people uncover their authentic voice, deepest joy, and truest path.