About DevaTree

What Does DevaTree Mean?

What Does DevaTree Mean?

Derived from the root ‘div’ meaning to become bright, Deva [dave-ah] is a Sanskrit word that means radiant light. DevaTree symbolizes the healthy balance between light, hope, expansion and growth, contrasted by the solid and steady foundation of our roots that ground us in the here and now.

Our Mission Statement

At DevaTree we are deeply committed to supporting people to be who they are and honor their unique path. With an unwavering dedication to wellness of mind, body and spirit, we are committed to a standard of excellence that ensures our services are safe, effective, compassionate and life enhancing. Our mission is to support people to uncover their deepest joy, truest path and greatest potential.

Cross-Disciplinary yoga™ honors the creativity and personal truth of every student. Instead of learning how to be true to DevaTree method, students are guided through a learning process that helps them be true to themselves, both on and off the mat.